July 1998 I discover something called 'The Sentinel', which is seriously bad news for all those I was doing 'serious' artwork for!
In my few bored moments I decide to doodle around with the characters which I know almost *nothing* about and for whom there was still relatively little on the net in the way of pictures (certainly compared to today!)


1998.1.jpg (42148 bytes)

A very early attempt, but it sparked a passion.

1998.2.jpg (45969 bytes)

1998.3.jpg (47882 bytes)

My fetish for Jim and white socks showing even in those early days!

1998.4.jpg (27106 bytes)

This was a Christmas pic 1998.

J&B.jpg (30257 bytes)

An early J/B

Surprised Blair.jpg (45966 bytes)

'Cute', innocent Blair.

Sandburg.jpg (42118 bytes)

Ah...naked Blair...

Blairsmirk.jpg (31472 bytes)

Who me?

Jim2.jpg (35345 bytes)

Damn...I dropped my gun *again*!

Dressed.jpg (19405 bytes)

'Man, he looks good in a tux.'

Just Damp.jpg (55829 bytes)

I'm just *damp*!

BlairWolf2.jpg (31917 bytes)


Pouty Blair.jpg (44546 bytes)

Pouty Blair

Jim.jpg (35267 bytes)

Jim in rubber *g*

Blair.jpg (41612 bytes)

My first Blair portrait and still my personal favourite.