Okay, getting a little more enthusiastic here...........


1999.1.jpg (42552 bytes)

An internal illo for the zine 'Angel On My Mind'

Title: Hold Me?

1999.2.gif (48665 bytes)

Cover for 'Come To Your Senses 12'

Title: Fallen Angel

1999.3.jpg (45304 bytes)

Blair in leather!

1999.4.jpg (27345 bytes)

Blair stripping...

1999.5.jpg (45090 bytes)


1999.6.gif (73016 bytes)

Cover for Mating Rituals 3

1999.7.jpg (26691 bytes)

Title: 'True Love'

WishForTheMoon.jpg (39478 bytes)

Cover for 'Come To Your Senses 15'

Title: Wish For The Moon

Sunset.jpg (29735 bytes)

'Simple Pleasures. '

Jim and Blair relaxing together.

For J.C.

Letme.jpg (14684 bytes)

Title: Let Me Help?

Cowboy Jim.jpg (50972 bytes)

'Cowboy Jim'

Internal illo for AOMM.

JimBlair.jpg (57381 bytes)

Cover: CTYS 17

MR4.jpg (39253 bytes)

Cover; Mating Rituals 4

Jimboxers.jpg (16357 bytes)

Jim undressing

Kink.jpg (61065 bytes)

Cover: 'Your Kink Or Mine?'

1999.8.jpg (12675 bytes)

Title: 'Cuddle'

1999.9.jpg (14944 bytes)

Beautiful Jim Ellison......

1999.10.jpg (27471 bytes)

Title: 'Wishing...'

Zine2.jpg (20405 bytes)


Zine3.jpg (61950 bytes)

'It was a dark and stormy night'

GFcover.jpg (29866 bytes)

Cover of 'The Good Friend' by Jack Reuben Darcy

GF5.jpg (13808 bytes)


GF1.jpg (40570 bytes)


GF2.jpg (35375 bytes)


Internal illos from 'Good Friend'


GF6.jpg (15355 bytes)


GF3.jpg (37636 bytes)



GF4.jpg (46379 bytes)


Internal illos from 'Good Friend'


Young Blairbw.jpg (38233 bytes)

A sketch of 'young' Blair I did for Alyjude

BootifulBlair.jpg (33237 bytes)

A quizzical Blair

Can't remember why I did this one, but I always quite liked it. So what if no one else did:)

Jim and Blair...playing leap frog:)



Oh Jim!





It's in his kiss!