Some of these pictures were produced several years ago, but are now released from zines for use on the net.

If the zine is new, it will be marked *NEW*

Sunset  beach.jpg (38638 bytes)

'Sunset Beach'

Coloured pencil on paper

Gregcover.jpg (26645 bytes)

Cover for 'Will You Welcome Me?' by Tiger Moon

Available from 'AngelWings Press'

TSsl.jpg (30978 bytes)

Cover for 'Mating Rituals 5'

Available from 'Neon Rainbow Press'

TSgn.jpg (23098 bytes)

Cover for 'Sensory Overload'

*gen zine*

Available from 'Neon Rainbow Press'

The key.jpg (33294 bytes)

Cover for 'Your Kink Or Mine 2'

Available from 'AngelWings Press

Nadir cover.jpg (32661 bytes)

Cover for the zine 'Nadir'

note: This is *not* a slash zine

Nadir 1.jpg (21799 bytes)

Internal illo for Nadir

Nadir 2.jpg (20640 bytes)

Nadir 3.jpg (19001 bytes)

Nadir 4.jpg (19100 bytes)

Nadir 5.jpg (17477 bytes)

Nadir 6.jpg (13405 bytes)

Shower.jpg (30414 bytes)

A shower scene in the Ellison/Sandburg household.