Alive And Kicking


A very pleasent surprise of a movie at least partly funded by Channel 4 (U.K)

Despite being essentially about the effects of AIDS on a ballet company, this is not a depressing AIDS movie.

The excellent performances raise it up above its budget and make it into a very touching and poignant film.




Tonio is HIV positive like many members of the ballet company but he insists on keeping on dancing.

After the death of yet another friend, he swears off relationships because it's too hard to be the one left behind.

Along comes social worker and councillor Jack and eventually Tonio is drawn into a friendship, then sexual relationship despite his previous reluctance.

It very cleverly handles the scenario that sickness is a great leveller. Tonio is forced by Jack to admit that were he well and HIV free, he wouldn't even glance twice at Jack in a room full of men, but his illnes s has forced him to see beyond the beauty of a mans face and body and find the soul beneath.

The movie plots the trials and tribulations not only of Tonio and the company but also of his lover who is finding dealing with his patients all of whom are HIV positive or dying of AIDS in a society that still considers them pariahs to be almost too much to bear.


This movie has some hilariously funny moments, and some that have you weeping because of the sheer unfairness of life.

The end is quite beautiful and breathtaking and it all leaves you with a surprisingly upbeat and positive feeling.