An Alternative Reality: Sex, Magic and Betrayal

by Sigrina


Warning: Death story



In the end, she decided on a toss of the coin: heads and she'd cast the spell on herself; tails and she wouldn't. It was a passive attraction spell of the weakest kind. No way would she try an aggressive attraction spell in Sunnydale. This spell would only work on someone who had things in common with her. Adult in the company of children, surrounded by the occult: Jana reckoned that Rupert Giles might fit the bill. She'd been instructed by her elders to monitor Angel. They'd had some disturbing portents of late. And she had decided that the best way of keeping an eye on Angel was by getting close to the Watcher. Jana grimaced. To all extents and purposes she'd probably be prostituting herself for her clan. Not a happy thought.

She tossed the coin. Heads it was, then.




She knew it was one of her biggest faults, this need to be successful at everything she did. Overachiever should have been her middle name. Her academic results were always sky-high, she'd honed her computer skills to perfection, now if only she could do the same with her magic skills.

But of course it wasn't as simple as that. To be proficient and powerful at magic-use took a great deal of time and effort. She would have to study and practise constantly. And Willow Rosenburg, student and Slayerette, just didn't have as much time to devote to magic as she would like. Of course, there were always ways to get what she wanted, but the price tags were way too high. Blood sacrifice really squicked her out, and was pretty evil too. For the same reason pacts with demons were also not a good thing.




The spell worked, of course. And then some.

Rupert Giles, stammering and blushing dinosaur that he was, seemed to find her fascinating. He really wasn't her type, but he was quite attractive and it was no great hardship to start a relationship with him. Occasionally, she could even forget the fact that she was using him.

But then there was Willow Rosenburg, the little Wiccan friend of the Slayer. Computer expert and magic-user, just like Jana, so it wasn't surprising that the attraction spell hit her, too. Red-haired, beautiful, and with a quirky-but-ruthless streak she usually kept hidden. Willow was much more Jana's type than Rupert Giles.

And her potential was amazing. She could be one of the most powerful witches imaginable. But it would take time, these things always did, unless you found an 'easy' way to obtain power.

Jana thought long and hard about Willow Rosenburg. Much as she loved her people, she often didn't like them very much. If Willow could realise her power, and ally it to Jana's, there was very little the two of them couldn't achieve. Her clan would not be able to send her out to whore for them again with that kind of power behind her.

All she had to do was persuade Willow. And she didn't think that would be too difficult...




Something that Miss Calendar said one day stuck in Willow's mind. Something about obtaining power by a relatively 'unevil' method. So Willow waited until Giles was out on patrol with Buffy and sneaked into the library to do some personal research.

And there it was: sex magic. Potentially dangerous, yes, but handled correctly it could produce incredible power while avoiding bad things like blood and death and soul-selling. Giles wouldn't approve, of course, but he didn't have to know. And if she was careful enough it would be a harmless way of garnering power without really hurting anyone.

But she checked first with Miss Calendar, whose approval meant a lot to her. Miss Calendar ('Please, Willow, out of school hours call me Jenny.') was all for it, was even prepared to help her in return for a power-share.

So she and Jenny cast the spells to collect sexual energy from Willow's friends. Angel was not included, as vampires were rather too dangerous to mess with. For a similar reason Oz was also left alone. But his girlfriend, Cordelia, was an unexpected font of sexual frustration and power. It turned out that she was actually attracted to Xander but thought that he was too lame to date. Buffy was a delicious source of power with her unfulfilled desires for Angel and, big shock, uncertain feeling towards Giles. Giles himself was a morass of sexual energy. Willow revealed lines of attraction to Jenny, no surprise there, Buffy, and also to herself and Xander. Squicky, much. But Willow had to deal. Xander was a relatively 'pure' fountain of sexual power, being a male teenager with rampaging hormones and faint psychic echoes of hyena.

It was a pity none of them was actually getting any sexual satisfaction. That would really have produced more power. Willow was tempted to give one or more of them a 'shove' courtesy of a love spell or two, but she knew that this was a major Bad Thing. But she was desperate enough to consider actually having sex herself with one of them in order to release the energy she could practically taste.

But who to pick? Angel and Oz were both taken and off-limits due to there supernatural natures. Giles, she didn't think she'd be able to control. There was a frightening deep stream of darkness running through his aura. Xander she loved too much to use. Besides, he saw her as a sister. Which left either a stranger (way too dangerous) or one of her female friends. Not bitch-queen Cordelia. Willow doubted that she had anything to appeal to the other girl. Buffy liked her, but was obsessed with Angel. Which only left one choice...




She couldn't believe how soon Willow came to her with the 'proposition'. The redhead's face was almost as bright as her hair, but she made an excellent attempt to put forward the reasons why they should do this. Jana was ecstatic.

And so there they were, a few hours later, floor covered in mystical symbols while the knelt naked facing each other. Willow was trembling, a frightened virgin. But Jana was determined that soon the trembling would be caused by passion not fear.

They both began to chant, feeling the tingle of the spell as it embraced them. When they finished the chant Willow seemed to freeze. Jana knew that she would have to make the first move. Slowly, she reached out a hand and began to stroke Willow's breast. The young woman gave a breathy sigh. Encouraged by this, Jana lowered her head, taking Willow's nipple into her mouth and lightly caressing it with her tongue. Willow gasped. Jana increased the pressure on the nipple, sucking gently, her hand rising to fondle Willow's other breast. Willow was moaning softly now. Jana trailed her hand downwards and was rewarded when Willow parted her legs. The moaning grew in frequency and volume as Jana stroked and petted her partner. Willow raised herself up to allow Jana greater access to her hot, wet centre. At the same time Willow's hands reached out tentatively to touch Jana. The older woman moaned her approval as Willow reached between her legs, arching her back so that Willow could use those elegant fingers of hers to greater advantage. It was getting more and more difficult to concentrate on keeping their balance. Jana gently lowered Willow to the floor, heedless of its coldness. She doubted that she'd ever feel cold again. This was meant to be a practical power-gaining exercise, but somehow it had become so much more. She stared into Willow's passion-dilated eyes, guessing that her eyes were in a similar state.

Strangely, her thoughts suddenly shifted to Rupert Giles and she felt a moments regret for what might have been if things had only been a little different.

Then all thought of Rupert Giles were banished as Willow plunged her fingers deep into Jana's body, her thumb stroking over her clitoris. Oh, Jana thought, she's very good for a beginner. Will I be able to survive her when she gains some experience?

Tiny purple sparks were rushing over both of their bodies. Jana felt as if she was flying, the tension inside her increasing almost unbearably. She could feel the build-up of sexual power, the room was lighting up with it. And then she felt a sudden rush of power as Willow gave a scream and climaxed. The surge triggered her own climax, and vaguely, she could feel Willow shake and moan as she received the energy released.

And then she felt no more for the longest time...




School the next day was torture. Especially her computer class. As Jenny - Miss Calendar during school hours she reminded herself - walked into the room Willow felt a dull throbbing and burning heat built up low in her belly. She couldn't stop herself from squirming in her seat as she remembered waking up on that cold floor wrapped in Jenny's embrace. How the two of them had stumbled to Jenny's bed, kissing and groping all the way. How they had teased and stroked each other to completion once again. The sparks had crawled over them again. They wouldn't need herbs and chants anymore. A connection had been forged the night before, stronger than either of them had anticipated. The only ritual they'd need now to accumulate sexual energy would be to make love. And Willow intended to do that as often as she could...

They had to hide their relationship from the school authorities, of course. But it was impossible to hide it from their friends. While Jenny was cool and collected, Willow was such a bad actor. Giles picked up on it first. He tried to counsel Willow in his hesitant, fumbling way. Then he spoke to Jenny, warning her to spend less time with Willow.

After a brief but intense discussion, they both decided to 'come out' about their relationship. Some of their friends was shocked, Giles especially. Willow felt sorry for him, knowing how his feelings towards her lover. Buffy stood for the longest time, mouth opening and closing like a fish. Willow had a feeling that it would never be the same between them again. Xander did the fish-thing, too, but then got this dreamy expression on his face and Willow felt a small surge of power go through her. Cordelia just shrugged as if she didn't care. Which she probably didn't. Angel gave them a deep brooding stare which made Willow suspect that he knew that there was more to this than two people falling in love. Oz gave Willow a stare she could not interpret and then proceeded to say even less to her than he had before the announcement.

Despite her friends' rather mixed response Willow was happy. She had a wonderful source of power to play with. And she had Jenny. Despite vampires, demons and schoolwork, Willow was in heaven.




When the knock came on the door she knew who it was. Willow had left her key to 'Jenny"s apartment on her desk as soon as she'd found out.

Willow stood in front of her, looking like she hadn't slept in a long time. Jana was aware that she looked just as bad. Despite this she still felt a flare between them. Jana's betrayal hadn't diminished the attraction. For a moment Jana cursed that stupid attraction spell she'd cast before all this had started. If she hadn't cast it Willow probably wouldn't have considered becoming involved with her. And she, Jana, wouldn't be feeling this heart-wrenching pain at the blank, closed look on Willow's face.

Without speaking, Willow followed her into the apartment. Jana closed the door and waited. Giles had had his say, so had Buffy. Both had been quite expressive about her 'betrayal' of their friendship. What would Willow say?


'Was it all a trick? Did you make me love you just so you could keep watch on Angel?'


How could she believe that? After all they'd shared, how could she possible believe that?

How could she not?

Willow had fallen in love with Jenny Calendar, and Jenny had fallen in love with Willow. But 'Jenny Calendar' wasn't real. So who could blame Willow for believing that the love they'd shared was also not real?

And nothing she could do would ever erase the pain that shone from Willow's eyes.

'I love you.' She had to say it.

A tremor passed over Willow's face.

'Well, I don't love you. I loved Jenny. I don't know you.'

'Willow, please...'

'I don't love you. I don't ever want to speak to you again. I hate you.'

And both of them knew she was lying.




The pain was all-encompassing, unendurable and endless. Xander tried his best, alternating his attentions between her and Buffy. In the end she told him to go away or she'd turn him into a frog. He blanched and retreated, and Willow couldn't even summon up enough concern to feel guilty for frightening him. If he hadn't stopped pestering her she'd probably have done something to him that she wouldn't have been able to reverse.

Giles had informed her that 'Jenny' was searching for a way to restore Angel's soul. Willow didn't give a damn about the state of Angel's soul. As far as she was concerned, Angelus could turn up now and she'd welcome him. Anything to end this pain...




She knew she couldn't just wallow in her pain and guilt. She had to do something to remedy this situation. If she'd let Buffy know about the 'moment of true happiness' clause in Angel's curse then this whole thing might have been avoided. She would have explained everything to Willow and the two of them could have built up their power and lived their own lives together. She snorted at image of he two of them in a fairy-tale setting, living 'happily ever after'.

She shivered. She'd once thought that she'd never feel cold again. Now it was if she'd never be warm again.

Blinking back tears she stared at the computer screen.




She screamed, clutching at her chest as something poured into her. She felt Jenny's presence and then the link between them flared and died.

She knew what it meant. Heedless tears streamed wantonly down her face.



Later, Giles came to tell her that Jenny's body had been found in the computer room at the school. He found her inhumanly calm.


It wasn't a question, but Giles nodded anyway.

'Then we kill him.'

It was said almost conversationally.


'Buffy can't kill him. But I can.'


'She gave me all her power. It won't last long, but it doesn't have to.'

'I can't let you...'

Willow grasped the link that she'd forgotten to dissolve after the power-garnering. She'd sucked out his energy and watched as he collapsed to the floor. She searched him and removed the stake he had tucked in his jacket pocket. The cross she left where it was. She wasn't going to need it.

At the door she turned and erected a short-term protective spell around the room. It would last until Giles recovered.


The vampires roaming the streets of Sunnydale gave her a wide berth as they felt the power that surrounded her. She walked, unmolested, until she came upon Angelus draining some hapless Sunnydale citizen. She relaxed the power shield until she appeared helpless.

'Well, if it isn't one of the Slayer's little gang. Hello, Willow, it's such a pleasure to see you again. But, oh my, you're not looking too good. Sleepless nights? Come here and let me cure you of that little problem.'

Inhumanly fast, he grabbed her. She sent a surge of pain through him and he snarled, ripping into her. Willow felt her life's blood flowing from her and conjured up another pain-surge. Angelus stumbled backwards, but not before he'd gouged long slashes in her soft flesh. Holding herself together with the remains of her power, she launched herself at Angelus, stake in hand. Her aim was true, and she gave a deaths-head grin at the look of shock and disbelief on the vampire's face just before he exploded into a shower of dust.



She was vaguely aware of running footsteps and someone calling her name. Someone held her, and even with the fresh agony it caused she was grateful for the contact.

'Jenny,' she breathed.

And died smiling.



The end............?