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Just Another Christmas Eve (16k)

A gift must be altered following an altercation with a man who simply does not want to be arrested. Duh.

In Solemn Stillness Lay (40k)

It's Christmas Eve and a certain detective is playing Santa

The Seduction (20k)

Blair plans a seduction, Jim has a yellow streak

All Mine (8k)

Jim has a bad day and doesn't want anyone invading his space -- until his partner shows up.

Jealousy Doth Become You(8k)

Blair finds that he must sacrifice in order to win Jim away from a rival.

The Lurker (20k)

Jim is acting mysterious and Blair is determined to find out what's going on.

Basement Mates (20k)

Explain this blurb? I don't think so. Let's just call it a bit of craziness.

Spin (8k)

Memories of October nights, Coca-Cola and sweet kisses give Blair the courage to ask Jim a very important question.

A Day At The Zoo (52k)

Jake's first Field Trip since starting Kindergarten


The Big Five (120k)

September 29th is fast approaching. The significance of the day? It's Jake's birthday.


Shades Of The Past (12k)

Blair believes that the past is interfering with the future for him and Jim

Kiss Off (120k)

Can you trust what you see? In answering that question, Jim learns a valuable lesson.

The Crying Game (40k)

Blair thinks Jim's life is finally on track, and maybe it's time to find one of his own. . .

Charity (28k)

Rainier is having their annual charity event and Blair is hiding something from Jim. But not for long.

Wedding March (152k)

The shit hits the fan, but this is an aly story, so no worries.

Nothing's Changed  (8k)

Two men contemplate how life has changed so radically, yet not at all.

Eavesdropping Down (12k)

Jim overhears something that changes his 'view' of things

Pampers (52k)

Jim decides to find out if therapists and anxiety attacks were really a part of Blair's life once 'out of pampers'.

Best Laid Plans (16k)

Blair proposes an idea to hide the fact that neither he nor Jim have dates for Valentine's Day.

Slip Sliding Away  (132k)

Blair is sliding away from Jim, literally. Can they find out the cause and stop it before it's too late? Duh.

You're Already Gone  (44k)

Jim thinks Blair is gone and he wants to get him back before he leaves.

Silent Night  (60k)

Christmas story

We Gather Together- Christmas and Chanuakah  (192k)

A 'Jake' Story. Sequel to 'Thanksgiving'

We Gather Together- Thanksgiving  (248k)

A 'Jake' story. Sequel to 'Everything's Jake's'

First appeared in an AngelWings Press zine

Stormy, Stormy Night  (44k)

A Halloween story

On a dark and stormy night, Jim investigates a murder and Blair takes in a bedraggled neighbor.

Junior Guppy  (12k)

Set in the 'Jake' universe

Past Trials (288k) 

Blair must go to Boston to aid his mother.

Freak Show  

Jim and Blair fight. Jim learns Blair knows best. Duh.


No Zones Allowed (80k)

Jim is zoning. Can someone figure out why before he's run over by the cluebus?


Return To Sender (200k)

Captain Jim Ellison does something for a friend and finds his soul, but can he keep it?

30  (64k)

Blair faces the big 3-0, and decides to make changes. Jim isn't happy -- then he is.

Burning Bright  (8k)

The brightest candles eventually grow dim, but can they be extinguished altogether?

The Pain Of Love  (176k)

Jim is dating and Blair is having difficulty dealing as he discovers that love can be painful. He gets into some serious trouble as a result

Future Tense  (272k)

Blair moves on with his life and career, but a violent case brings him back to Cascade to assist in catching a killer.

It's Not Easy To Be Me  (20k)

Jim discovers how much, and how little, he knows about Blair

Two Faces (384k) 

Jim and Blair meet under VASTLY different circumstances. But they end up in the same place

The Sands Of Time  (172k)

Jim and Blair must solve two murder mysteries; one in the present and one from Ancient Egypt.

The Last Time I Saw Sandburg  (40k)

Well, it's about the last time Jim saw Blair.

Like Father  (112k)

Wherein Jim, Simon and Blair are kidnapped, but not for the usual reasons and while kidnapped, Simon discovers something and Jim discovers something and Blair *really* discovers something.

A Sentinel Takes A Guide (284k)

 Lee Brackett escapes and finds that Jim Ellison has something Lee needs. In addition, Jim does some honest talking and Blair is forced to reveal past secrets.

Fireworks (92k)

 A story in the Everything's Jake Universe. Wherein we countdown to Jake's first July 4th, we join him for his first swimming lesson, Simon says something stupid and everyone eats way too much! This story is a sequel to: Everything's Jake

Interrogation  (32k)

Simon interrogates a suspect.


The Ice Man Cometh (96k)

As Halloween approaches, strange things happen around the Cascade Police Department building--cold spots, objects moving without being touched. Could the PD be haunted? This story is a sequel to: SVS2-04: Witnesses

Part of the SVS season


Fall From Grace (122k)

Jim and Grace Ellison work hard at building a new relationship until fate and a new case intervene.
This story is a sequel to SVS-22: M is for..


Part of the SVS season

Crossroads (118k)

Wherein Jim says good-bye to Blair and Simon who then try to get off the mountain (without much success) while Jim ruminates over the fact that maybe he wished they were still here - or at least that Blair was still here, er, there, um, with him, you know? He also decides that his mid-thirties have been great. Duh.

Banks, Babes, Boffing, Bubba And Other Weird Stuff (49k)

Wherein mouths speak the truth and Jim gets a new nickname and in between, they bring down a baddie

Tops To Bottoms  (16k)

  Blair muses on bisexuality and the joys of being a bottom.

Polar Ice Caps   (258k)

Blair finishes his dissertation and his mom comes for a visit.

Breathing (65k)

A terrible case brings truth to the Ellison/Sandburg home.

To See The Light (32k)

Jim has a date - who drools over Blair - and the winner will be? Well, like - duh.

The Conversation  (16k)


The Bestest, Most Perfectedness Vally Times Day Card Ever (12k)

A Valentine Day story from the 'Jake' universe. Jake's first Valentine's day with his new parents

Into The Jungle (90k)

Jungle Warfare 2: The War Continues--with members of Major Crimes as targets!
This story is a sequel to SVS-09: Welcome to the Jungle.

Part of the SVS season.

Just A Kiss

Star Wars Revisited (12k)

Jim shares New Year's Eve with us and we learn the part Star Wars played in Sandburg's past.

Auld Lang Syne (65k)

Jim is stuck in Canada on New Year's Eve and has only his own thoughts and memories to keep him warm.

Christmas Eve (36k)

Jim is lonely - Blair doesn't live with him anymore but he thinks he should fix that. Post TSbyBS. 

Restrained Sex (12k)

Handcuffs, silk ties, trust and a gorgeous ass

How Close (12k)

Blair discovers something about Jim - then wonders how he'll survive.

Everything's Jake Now Available in zine form from AngelWings Press

What Goes Around (69k)

Episode 1 of the new Slash Virtual Season  

As Jim and Blair come to terms with the aftermath of the press conference, a new case takes them back to Rainier and Blair ponders the wisdom of continuing as Jim's roommate.

Male Exchange

Lucky (53k)

A surprising and uncomfortable catalyst brings forth understanding after Alex.

Timing (45k)

Wherein Jim is seeing someone and it isn't Blair and there's a serial killer on the loose in Cascade. Like, I ask you, where the hell else *would* a serial killer be on the loose????

Lost And Found (135k)

Wherein Blair and Jim find something after the whole mess in Sierra Verde. And Naomi finds something too

Just Another Saturday (53k)

Wherein Jim Ellison and Blair Sandburg spend a quiet Saturday at home.

Romeo and Jules (40k)

Wherein Blair tries to get Jim to see him.

Double Date  (28k)

Wherein the guys go on a double date and they and their dates talk about it afterward. This is earth shattering stuff, let me tell you

In Memory (155k)


Scorned (81k)

Wherein a woman is scorned and something happens. Takes place after Sentoo

Couples (12k)

Wherein Blair asks an innocent question several weeks after S2pt2

The Dip (69k)

Wherein Blair decides to go swimming in another pool, play ball for a different team, become a switch hitter and Jim discovers that when you wish upon a star....

Games (12k)

Wherein Jim has created something and wonders if it's too late to undo the damage

Chick (69k)

Wherein Jim and Simon think they're pulling the pink and yellow wool over Blair's eyes, but find the tables, beaks and chicken feet turned. Let this stand as my only Easter story ever!!!


Go The Distance (32k)

Wherein Jim sees Blair for the first time and is followed closely by Simon.

Holding On (139k)

Naomi shows up with some news and Jim finds himself *holding on*.......
Note: This was an 'interactive' story. Thank you to all the people who took the
time to email me with suggestions and storylines!

And God Would Ask (61k)

Blair deals with unrequited love and discovers how terrible loneliness can really feel and both Jim and Blair learn that the big stuff comes down to the little things.

Zipp'er Up (4k)

Short and zippy as two zippers finally get together....

Pep Talk (20k)

Blair and Jim do some wondering and then demand an epilogue and sex

Private Thoughts (118k)

Jim, Simon and Blair have private thoughts, and Blair learns that Jim isn't the only one who can be betrayed by a woman. Simon hijacks the cluebus and drives it up to Jim's house, but will the two idiots get on?

I Hate Valentine's Day (53k)

Wherein Jim wonders about Blair, Blair wonders about Blair, a bad guy gets caught in the middle, sap abounds, we have a smidgen of angst, a wee bit of Blair owwie, a wee bit of h/c, some mystical shit......oh, and Blair, running *almost* nekkid through the jungle.

If You Ever Leave Me  (135k)

This is the second in the 'Mustang Series'.  The first was 'Death of a Beloved'

Wherein tragedy strikes Jim, but he won't let Blair pick up the pieces. Duh. Minor spoilers for Sen2-2.

Helluva Day (16k)

Wherein Blair has a really bad day. (Yeah, like *this* hasn't been done before)

Cleansed (56k)

Jim feels shitty, Blair feels even shittier, there's a jaguar, rain and mud.

Moving On (81k)

Wherein Blair decides that Jim loves him as much as he loves Jim and that lighting a fire under the man is the answer.....he's wrong. Yeah, angst, the kitchen sink, pink elephants, the works.


  Also still available from AngelWings Press

The Cookie Monster  (16k)

You have entered the Sandburg zone, be warned. And believe it or not, there is even a bad guy in this....

2000 (40k)

The stress tells on Simon and he reacts badly to some news. There be angst ahead, h/c (I hurt Jim!) and a gay time is had by all!

One Is A Lonely Number (69k)

Wherein it's been four months since the boys got together at Lake Chelan, and now it's almost Christmas. Will Jim replace Blair's sold computer? Has the course of true love gone smoothly since we last left our guys? How the hell should I know? I just write the stuff.
This story is a sequel to It's All In The Hips.

He Shouldn't Have

Once Upon A Dream (69k)

Three fairies and one special Prince try to save someone from the evil Malash.

Awakenings (90k)

Jim and Blair go on vacation. Jim and Blair find trouble (again). Jim and Blair get shoved onto the clue bus, this time by the Chopec 

If Ben Were Here & Sentinels Weren't So Stupid (12k)

Wherein Blair and Jim get stuck in an elevator and if you can't guess what happens, then you really need to read more slash. Way more.

Death Of A Beloved (32k)

*not* a 'death' story

Blair demands a divorce and gets his man.

Something To Talk About (40k)

Major Crimes must redeem the entire Police Department in the annual Charity Band Competition. Nuff said.

Tummy Rub (32k)

Blair thinks Jim needs a dog. Jim thinks Blair is being jilted. Blair thinks Jim hates him. Simon is just confused.

Can't Miss A Thing (28k)

Jim wakes up the next morning and he thinks he has all the time in the world.

sequel to 'Angel in My Arms'

Revenge Is Sweet (65k)

Blair gets some neat revenge on two people from his childhood, and Jim reaps the rewards.

Firelight (16k)

Blair needs a break, Jim needs Blair. Just an excuse for sex. Sometimes, that's all I want from these two!

Closed For Business (28k)

Blair has lost it, decides he wants icecream. There is a modicum of a plot.

It's In The Hips (90k)

Wherein Blair and Jim go undercover at a resort and Blair ends up as the dance instructor

Arms Of An Angel (16k)

Jim hits the wall, but does he have someone to help repair his soul?

Homeward Bound (114k)

A strange court case sends an Investigator for DA Beverly Sanchez to San Francisco to track down an important witness.

A Good Read


Hairy Blairy (24k)

This is two recent obsenads that got married and had this child.....

Dressed For Success (28k)

Wherein the mysteries of life are answered for Blair as he dresses to impress

Guide For Sale (90k)

Things aren't so easy for Blair, after he diss'es his diss.

Nurse Blair (12k)

Jim needs a little comforting.

Will the real Blair Sandburg, please stand up? (4k)

Blair decides who he is

Click-Click (20k)

A rescue goes wrong.

Bluffing With The Big Guys (20k)

This takes place shortly after Cypher, but no spoilers. It's Blair's first time playing poker with the MC gang and they're worried and Blair is going to set their minds at ease, in his own little way.....

Do You? (16k)

Takes place four weeks after TS by are they coping? Not communicating as usual.

Not Needed (106k)

Blair is feeling down, and when a hurting Naomi calls for him, he flies to New Mexico to be with her. With typical Sandburgian luck, he lands right in the middle of a sinister plot. Will Jim go after him and figure it *all* out in time?

Ordained (122k)

A famous actor meets a famous jockey and sparks ensue.

Vanquish (20k)

Blair deals with his death at the fountain and deals with the fountain....

Nine-Tenths of the Law (8k)

Possession is 9/10th's of the law.

If You Have Nine Tenths and I Have Nine Tenths (8k)

Jim's turn. Sequel to Nine-Tenths of the Law

A Quiet Sunday (12k)

A quiet piece, no angst, no plot. . . just two guys quietly realizing what we have known all along



An Innocent Man (8k)

Jim is completely innocent.

Fed Up (20k)

Blair gets, well, "Fed Up", words are exchanged, some rather nasty things said, but love prevails and truth wins out.

Missing scene: Dead End on Blank St

Flying High (12k)

Just dialogue on a plane as Jim makes a bet with Blair that nets him more than he could have hoped.

Trying Times (86k)

Someone wants Blair dead, but the plan backfires and both Jim and Blair suffer...

Merry Christmas

Nightmare on Prospect Ave (12k)

Jim is having nightmares, there is a bad guy.

Spirit Willing (49k)

This story is a sequel to Petting.

Petting (8k)

Mom Still Knows Best (8k)

Blair finds out Mom really does know best...
Sequel to 'Mom Knows Best'

Mom Knows Best (8k)

Blair needs advice from mom.

Pillow Talk (8k)

What do they talk about in bed?

Rafe Missed IT (19k)

"IT" finally happened, but Rafe missed it so the gang at Major Crimes is going to fill him in....And since they are mostly drunk....well, coherent they ain't!

Running on Empty 2

The Journey Home

Running on Empty

Twinkies and Thou (16k)

Jim and Blair locked in a room with only each other and a box of Twinkies

Knowing More Of You  (28k)

Jim and Blair have a dialogue... and a lot of questions get answered.

Knowing You (16k)

This is a series that asks and allows questions, and lots of them and ends with the guys in bed together, natch!

Sacrifices (4k) 


Sacrifices (16k)

Jim and Blair, first time, and how Jim must sacrifice for his roommate and vice-versa!


When? How? Why?  

sequel to 'Who?, What?, Where?'

Who? What? Where?

Through Time and Space (69k)

One month after returning from Sierra Verde, Jim and Blair learn that their ordeal is not over... and the answer to truly setting things straight has to be found through time and space.

Show and Tell (4k)

The guys trade personalities during an interesting game of show and tell. No mysticism involved.

Unconditional Love (26k)

Both men realize they love each other but bad guys and a secret threaten their future

Vow of Silence- Missing scene (16k)

by Alyjude and K9

Wings 2  


Golden Guppy winner 2000