by K9


"Gawd, he must be good in bed for you to put up with that ugly mug," Jenny Sparks teased as she walked through the control room.

Apollo shot her a grin and bobbed his eyebrows playfully before returning his gaze to his partner and lover, The Midnighter.

Instead of an angry scowl on The Midnighters face, there was a sly grin and his eyes shone with amusement.

"He has his moments," Apollo explained as Jenny scooped up the files from the console.

"I hope it's more than a 'moment'," she sniggered, "But I still think you deserve some kind of accolade for putting up with him." She slapped Apollo on the shoulder and whispered, "He can give you a bloody good argument though, I'll say that for him."

Apollo sighed, "Oh yeah."

"Anyway, I'll bid you goodnight, I'm knackered."

"Night Jenny," Apollo smiled as he watched the woman stroll from the room. Suddenly he turned and pointed at his partner, "You should know better than argue with Jenny."

"I didn't lose," the other man said flatly.

"You didn't win either though did you? You just butted heads for an hour and got nowhere."

"But I didn't *lose*."

Laughing out loud, Apollo gave up on this debate. Both Authority members had been as adamant and they'd argued in circles until they were both exhausted.

Suddenly, arms closed around his waist and a familiar body settled in close behind him.

"You ready to call it a night?" The Midnighter whispered into his ear.

"I guess so, why?"

"My muscles ache, I think I need a back rub."

"Your muscles *don't* ache, you liar."

"No, but I remember when they did and I'm sure that right now they would be."

Apollo turned in his arms and softly met his lips, "Hmm, okay. I'll give you that one."

"You'll give me a whole lot more before tonight's out!"

"Oh really?"

"Uh hu. After I strip you naked and lick over every inch of your body."

All brain function drained into Apollo's groin as the mental image of his lover naked, laving his body lovingly like a huge sleek cat, took over and etched itself firmly in his mind.

"Gotcha!" The Midnighter smirked.


"If you two are going to get it on, would you not do it over the equipment? It makes a mess," Jack Hawksmoor laughed as he made his way to control.

"We're gone," The Midnighter slung his arm around his partner's shoulder and led him away.



Apollo gasped as the sensation hit him squarely like a nuclear explosion in his mind. Sheathed deeply inside his partner, the power of the orgasm took his breath away. Only the strangled yell of The Midnighter's release broke the spell and both men spiralled into oblivion together.

"Wow," he croaked as he slid out and settled beside his lover, gathering him close.

"Mmm, indeed," Midnighter mumbled and slipped his arm across the huge expanse of hairless chest.

A stillness descended. Quiet moments like this were a priceless treasure in this wild and crazy existence they led, moments they could share together in silence almost knowing each others thoughts.

Suddenly Apollo sighed, "It's good being a part of this team, isn't it? We did the right thing by joining?"

"Yes, of course we did."

"It feels good to have people rely on you and even to have to rely on them."

"Yes, " Midnighter lifted his head to look into Apollo's eyes, "But I *always* relied on you," he said softly.

"No you didn't, you're the tough one."

"You're wrong. Without you I couldn't have come through the whole Stormwatch thing, those years in the wilderness, alone. No, you're my strength Apollo, I'd have been a mess without you."

"You'd have survived."

"Physically, maybe. But there's more to life than that. Thanks to you, I still have a soul."

The blonde man smiled softly, brushing back the hair from his partner's face.

"You can be almost poetic sometimes. You're a big softy really, huh?"

"Only with you," The Midnighter grinned and met Apollo's lips in a hard kiss. "I love you more than life," he stated in his low growl, the same tone that struck fear into wrongdoers and had grown men shaking in their shoes.

"And I love you, you're my reason for existing. Now go to sleep before we get any sappier and buy matching capes and masks!" Apollo teased.

"I'm not wearing tights, not even for you," the darker haired man insisted as he settled his head on Apollo's chest and relaxed into sleep.

"Shame, you have the ass for tights."





Hours passed, but Apollo lay awake just holding his partner while he slept. Neither actually *needed* to sleep any more, but somehow it made them feel more human to do so. There was something so comforting and sensual about sleeping with the man you'd just made love to.

The others joked about how 'domestic' their arrangement was. They still ate together, despite not needing food, still slept together despite the lack of a need to sleep and still showered together because it was the most wonderful experience in the universe to get lathered up in a real *water* shower with The Midnighter and play hunt the soap.

Apollo grinned at the thought and allowed himself a moment of his favorite fantasy.

Beneath the heavy leather clothing, The Midnighter was a fine looking man, despite his scars. The mask hid so much expression, yet the fire in those liquid brown eyes could always draw in Apollo and the rare smile thrown his way even in the worst of battle could put the universe to rights.

He was still surprised how much it meant to both of them to be a part of The Authority team, to be needed and trusted after so many years as a pariah.

Stroking the back of the sleeping man's neck gently, Apollo remembered back to the rat infested hovel's they'd lived in, surviving on their wits. All of that time the only constant in a cruel and uncaring universe was the love and devotion in the other man's eyes.

"Stop thinking and go to sleep," Midnighter mumbled.

"You saying that me thinking is keeping you awake?"


"You're so full of it.."

"No I'm not, but if you don't want to sleep I don't mind being!"

Apollo laughed and held him tighter.

The Midnighter leaned back, looking directly into his partners face, "Stop remembering what *was*. We're okay now, we 'belong' and we're doing good things. The past is gone, Apollo. I don't want to dwell on what happened and I don't want you to either."

"I know, but it had its positive side, it gave me you."

Lips met gently, barely ghosting each other, tantalizing and sweet.

Suddenly the klaxon sounded; there was an alert.

"Come on 'pretty boy' time to go kick some ass," The Midnighter sighed and stole a last kiss before bounding from the bed.

Following, Apollo reached for his suit with a smile, "Yeah, I guess that's what we do now!"


The End