A Heroes Work Is Never Done

by K9


Midnighter stood against the console, arms folded across his chest watching Apollo as he was 'de-briefed' by Jenny Sparks. Some might call it 'bawled out, but she didn't, she called it 'de-briefed'.

The slight British woman stamped away eventually, cursing and swearing after making not so idle threats if Apollo ever disobeyed an order again, she'd remove the body parts essential for his recreational activities. Her last snarl left the big man stinging.

"Are you smirking?" Apollo asked, casting a glance at his partner.


"You bastard. I noticed that you didn't back me up."

"You were an idiot, you deserved it," Midnighter sighed, "That and I just love that 'whipped puppy' look you get when she attacks!" he failed to hide the smirk that spread across his face.

With a snort, Apollo began to pull at the shredded remains of his costume helplessly, "Another costume gone!"

"She'll take it out of your salary. Anyway, how come you always manage to lose your costume? No one else ever gets as naked as you."

"And that means?"

"I think you have an exhibitionist streak."

"And I think you're enjoying my bad fortune entirely too much."

"Well, it's pretty strange that only you seem to have a problem hanging onto your clothes," Midnighter sniggered as he caught up with the bigger man now striding along the corridor towards their quarters.

"Are you suggesting that I lose my clothes on purpose?"

"Well, it does make the women faint, not to mention that it gives you that 'Indiana Jones' look, the hero who always gets the crap beaten out of him, leaving him battered but unbowed. It's very fashionable!"

"You're full of shit," Apollo laughed and shook his head, "Anyway, I noticed you were the one watching intently as my ass almost fell out of my costume back there on that last fly past."

"It's a nice ass, what's not to look at?"

"I think I lost that argument with Jenny purely on the grounds that you can't look scary with your ass hanging out of your pants, you know?"

Midnighter snorted, "You just don't look scary, you're too pretty for 'scary'."

"Well, Jenny's scary and she's pretty too.."

"Yeah, in a 'rattlesnake' kind way. But, you're too cute for scary, Apollo, trust me."

Apollo keyed in the code for their room and walked in, stripping the remains of his costume as he went, "So you're telling me that I couldn't frighten a baby?"

Midnighter dropped down on the bed and watched his partner peel off the thin remnants of his silver body suit to reveal a body honed to perfection.

"Hey, big and cute works for you, man. Don't knock it!"

He let his gaze rest on the heavy muscles of Apollo's shoulders, sliding down to a trim, tight waist and then to possibly the finest ass in the kingdom.

The first glimpse of Apollo naked in a morning as he climbed out of bed always made Midnighter salivate like one of Pavlovs dogs, because no matter what else happened in their insane lives, he knew that it all of that belonged to him, every muscle and inch of lightly tanned skin.

"Quit ogling and get me some clean clothes while I shower," Apollo threw the tattered rags at his partners face.

"I'm not 'ogling' I'm 'appreciating'."

"You're ogling, hell you even have the seedy raincoat..."

Apollo stepped into the shower letting the water wash away the mess and stickiness, "There's still something seriously disgusting about having wash bits of the bad guys out of your hair," he grumbled rubbing at his almost white blonde hair.

Suddenly he felt a rush of air as a body moved in close behind him.

"Want some help?" Midnighters voice was warm and comforting.


Strong hands began to massage at Apollo's scalp and he could feel lightly haired skin rubbing against his back.

"You could have been killed today," Midnighters voice was little more than a whisper.

"But I wasn't."

"But you could have been. Please try to be careful, Apollo."

Turning to face the other man, water still pouring down his face, Apollo smiled. He reached out and cupped his lovers face in his hands, "I'm always 'careful'. But we're in kind of a dangerous business."

"I'm not joking, I don't think I could go on if I lost you."

"Of course you could. You're 'The Midnighter'," Apollo touched his lips to Midnighters softly.

"I wouldn't want to go on without you. Just promise me you'll try to be a little more careful?"

Gathering Midnighter into his arms, Apollo sighed, "Okay, I'll be more careful. You're beginning to sound like my mother," he laughed as he stroked his fingers tenderly across the other mans scarred back.

"Yeah, I even get to bathe you and tuck you into bed!"

"Hmm, but my mom never did what you do after you tuck me into bed!"

"I'm very relieved to hear that," Midnighter smiled.

"Wanna fool around?"

"Shower sex?"

Apollo bobbed his eyebrows and grinned.

"You sure you have all the bits of that person you disintegrated washed off?"

"I think so. You want to check all of my 'difficult to reach' places?"

The cackle echoed through the shower room as Midnighter grappled Apollo and the two slippery men began a play fight, water spewing everywhere.

Breathlessly, they stumbled from the shower falling into the bedroom and dropping down on the bed.

Midnighter stroked a strand of wet hair from Apollo's eyes.

"Next time you put yourself at risk the way you did today, I'll kick your ass as well as Jenny."

"Okay," Apollo touched the other mans lips with his fingertips, "What about you? You planning on being careful too?"


"Yeah? Like flying the Carrier into Gamorra Island you mean?"

"That was different."


"I'm serious, Apollo. I couldn't do what I do day in, day out, if I didn't have you to come back to."

"Come here," Apollo held out his arms, sighing as Midnighter settled against him, "I'll never leave you."

"Promise me."

"I promise. And I'll be extra careful, always follow orders and always wear clean underwear when we go on a mission," the big man teased gently.

"You don't wear underwear."

"You noticed huh?"

"Oh yeah. Me and the female population of western Europe when you flew over earlier."

"Hey, that part wasn't hanging out!" Apollo laughed.

"We should try that next time we're losing a battle. Shock tactics!"

Suddenly the alarm klaxon blared

"Apollo, Midnighter, emergency! We need you in ops." Jenny's piercing voice vibrated the speaker, "And Apollo? Find something that keeps your arse in this time?"


The End