Bedazzled (1967)

Peter Cook and Dudley Moore

Peter Cook plays the Devil who lives in London during the swinging 60's with his 'seven sins'. Dudley Moore is the hapless depressed man who fails to kill himself and ends up making a deal with the Devil for seven wishes to try to win the hand of his long time lust object, almost girlfriend Margaret..

A typical British comedy of the period, written by Cook and Moore.




*Strictly* speaking, this isn't a 'gay' movie, but it has gay characters in the 'sins' of Vanity and Envy. But it is very funny and has the typical cutting black humour that so many British comedies of the period had. If you like the whole Monty Python, Pete and Dud genre of humour, then you'll love this and especially if 60's camp is your thing, you'll revel in it's humour and gay innuendo.