Bedrooms And Hallways


This is one of those movies that makes you want to rewind and start again as soon as you finish it!

It had me rolling around laughing at times and struck dumb at others.

This film *does* have its faults, at times it tries too hard to cross the sexuality boundaries to confound us with how clever it is and is definitely at its best when its going for all out comedy and not trying to challenge our ideas of sexual stereotypes. Saying that however, part of the fun *is* in seeing the sexual stereotypes fall as straight become gay and gay become bi and...well, you get the picture<g>

While the lead character, Leo (Kevin McKidd) is charming and naive enough to stay interesting, it's the secondary characters like his flatmate Darren (Tom Hollander) and his 'mens group' leader (Simon Callow) who really lift this off the ground and make it worth watching.

 I want to know why Tom Hollander isn't a *huge* star because he has a unique comedy talent.



It's Leo's thirtieth birthday and flatmate Darren has arranged a 'surprise' party for him, but all it does is remind him of the confusion of the past few weeks...

Talked into attending his 'men's group' by straight workmate Adam, Leo gets tangled up with the sexy Brendan, who it turns out is the ex of Leo's only female teenage sweetheart.

Amidt all this is the chaotic lovelife of Darren and his new boyfriend, an estate agent, who likes to have sex in other peoples empty houses.

A perfect movie for when you're feeling truly miserable and want something to cheer you up and make you laugh. It reminds you that *all* life is absurd, whether it's gay or straight!