Billy's Hollywood Screen Kiss 1998

Sean Hayes /Brad Rowe


Billy is a photographer, he's also gay and desperately looking for 'Mr Right'. He's tired of 'sex without love' and when he meets Gabriel, a straight coffee shop waiter, he thinks he might have found not only his perfect model for a photo shoot, but also his perfect man.... if only Gabriel was gay.

Billy's friend and mentor, Perry, gives him a 'grant' to do the shoot and he begins to formulate a plan to find out if Gabriel is gay.

Unfortunately, famous photographer Rex Webster has also seen Gabriel and offers him a lucrative job at the same time......




I found this movie funny and charming but so desperately wanted Billy to see what we the audience could see, that it was *Perry* who was in love with him, not Gabriel, that I found myself yelling at the screen:)

It's lightweight and fluffy and doesn't push any boundaries, but a good movie doesn't really have to, it just has to entertain and this one does just that. I'd recommend it for one of those days when you just want to sit down with a chocolate bar in front of the TV and have fun with a movie which leaves you going 'awww'.