The Birdcage


Despite having a cast of actors that I love, I cannot say that I enjoyed this movie and I can't quite pinpoint why? I think overall everyone just tried a little too hard and it just didn't come off.

Robin Williams is a comic genius, so why put him in the part of the 'straight man' Armand?(if you'll pardon the pun:) Nathan Lane is wonderful as Armand's long time lover Albert, but it has to be said that the frightfully camp 'housekeeper' steals the show with what I felt was the only 'comfortable' performance.

I found the son annoying, the daughter-in-law to be irritating and even Gene Hackman couldn't make the appalling Senator acceptable.

Over all, I was just pitifully disappointed with this.



Young man with a gay father who runs a drag club wants to marry the daughter of a very conservative politician so when his fiance's parents decide to visit he persuades his very out father to play the straight Dad and send his long time lover away for the weekend while they turn their very gay apartment into a chic home. But of course, nothing ever goes exactly to plan!