Cold Passion

By K9


The older man lifted the slender young body onto the bed; he was surprisingly light despite his musculature. Cool lips met his and he smiled as he gently lowered himself down onto the naked form beneath him.

Flesh, chilly to the touch but so smooth and soft, almost hairless yet deliciously male quivered at his caresses. A low moan echoed through the room and the younger man arched into the touch, hooking his legs desperately about his mate's waist, silently begging to be taken, be used and claimed.

The older man ran his fingers through his partner's crop of blonde hair, leaning in once again to taste his lips while the heavy, pounding flesh between them grew and hardened.

"Hurry!" the blonde begged, "I need you to fuck me, hurry!"

"Patience!" the older man whispered, his voice like silk against his partners skin. He wouldn't be rushed, this was to be savoured and enjoyed and no amount of youthful need and enthusiasm would spoil his pleasure tonight of all nights.

He kissed the younger man's face, each eyelid, the bridge of a prominent nose, angular cheekbones; so sculpted like alabaster that any supermodel would give her surgically lifted rear to own them, those sweet inviting lips which fell away into a noble chin and a graceful curve of throat.

He could lose himself in this man, fall into those eyes and never want to crawl back to reality such was his need.

The smooth chest beneath him heaved with the effort of controlling the pure unadulterated lust raging through every fibre of the younger man's being and he chuckled. Age might have worn at his body but his passion had not dimmed with the passing years.

The older man took an already hard nipple into his mouth and suckled like a baby; thrilling as the body beneath him bucked in response.

This was going to be so good.

Glancing down he saw a stiff column rising tantalizingly from a bed of chestnut curls, the urge to taste it was almost overwhelming and he dipped his head to swipe his tongue swiftly across it.

The young man strangled a yell, his panting now a succession of sobs and as a warm mouth engulfed his aching cock he cried out, biting down hard on his tightly balled fist.

"Please...please!" he begged.

Clearly this was not to be a long slow loving, the youth needed to be taken hard, he needed the power and experience of an older lover to punish his body and make him feel complete.

Seeing the twisted ecstasy on that pale, beautiful face the older man pulled away and prepared himself. If this impatient youth wanted to be fucked he would oblige.

Watching as his swollen shaft slipped effortlessly into the pale young body of his partner, the older man sighed a deep, resounding sigh of satisfaction while the delicious warmth engulfed him.

He grasped the heavy cock lying hard against a pale belly and began to stroke it to completion. He wanted-no needed-for them both to come together, to feel the rush, the blind orgasmic fury of their coupling. Harder, he built a rhythm, harder he pushed, almost punishing the young man for his beauty and desirability and damn him, for his youth.

The pallid cock wept in frustration, pulsed and trembled and the young blonde shivered in delight.

"Yes!!" he hissed as he spewed the warm sticky results of his need onto his own chest, crying out as changes began to reform his features. His forehead grew heavier, his nostrils flared and long, slender fangs slid between those sweet lips.

Pulling away quickly and falling back onto the bed the older man gasped, "I don't believe it!" Victor Meldrew exclaimed, "You're a bloody vampire! Get out of here you blood sucking little pervert. Bloody vampires are getting everywhere these days, even the man behind the fish counter in Tesco's turned out to be a bloody vampire on Thursday, I go Thursday because it's pension day..."

^v^ ^v^ ^v^

Spike sat up so fast that his head spun. He was covered in a cold sweat, his vampire pale skin even more clammy and chilled than usual.

"Bloody hell, what a dream!" he rubbed at his face and shook his head to remove the awful vision burned into the back of his eyes.

He'd been fucked by Victor Meldrew.

"I have got to go and bite someone. I knew it was a mistake having that wino on Halloween, it really buggers up my biorhythms!"

Slipping from his crypt he hurried into the night to join the festivities that made Sunnydale ring with laughter on this night of All Hallows Eve.

The End