The Lost Language Of Cranes



A young man tries to decide how to come out to his parents not knowing that his father has been hiding the fact that he's gay for years. The father is becoming more and more dissatisfied with the lie he's living and is beginning to look for a 'relationship' with another man rather than just the string of one night stands he's usually made do with, but trapped in the middle of all of this is his wife, who knows something's wrong but continually denies to herself what it might be.



A beautifully made tv series by the BBC which moved the original book version from the New York setting to London (though lord knows why...probably money)

Even though you know what the father (Brian Cox) is doing is wrong in every way, you can't help but feel sorry for him. It's clear that once he knows about his son, he's upset and shocked but the main emotion he feels is envy, that the younger man has the freedom to be himself and is living in a time where it is slightly more acceptable to be gay than when he was a young man.

The 'b' plot of the story is the sons relationship with his jerk of a boyfriend who we all know is going to dump him, but he seems blindingly oblivious!

Well worth a look for anyone who likes a bit of angst with their homoerotica:)