Deathtrap (1982)

 Michael Caine/ Christopher Reeve

I adore this movie. It makes me laugh, it makes me jump out of my skin even now, watching it for the umpteeth time!

I don't consider this a 'gay movie' but it obviously has a gay theme, yet it's very mainstream.

For the time it was made it was a really huge deal to see two actors like Michael Caine and Christopher Reeve kiss on screen!




Author Sidney Bruhl has just had an enormous flop with his newest play, so he and his wife try to come up with something that will put him back on top again.

Amidst all of this, a student arrives to 'learn' from Sidney, Clifford Anderson, and brings with him what is in Sidney's opinion a wonderful script.

Sidney plans to kill Clifford and steal the play, but his wife, who has a heart problem, begs him not to........

It develops into a twisted plot of mystery, intrigue and a gay love affair.