I'd Do Anything

By K9

It was cold tonight. Strange, since it was never 'cold' in Oz, with its artificial, air-conditioned temperature, but tonight, there was definitely a chill in the air.

Chris Keller sat sullenly in his cell, looking out into the bleakness that was unit B.

Yeah, so, he was off death row. Big fucking deal. Now he had vicious Vern as a neighbor once more, and his life had come full circle.

It was ironic, he'd decided, that he should end up back with Schillinger. He'd often wondered what might have happened to him, had Vern Schillinger never come into his life back in Lardner. The color of the dick up his ass might have been different, but looking back, maybe he'd have been free of the psychological hold Schillinger had over him all these years?

It was Schillinger's fault that he'd lost Toby in the first place. Schillinger's fault that he'd admitted to a crime he hadn't committed. Schillinger's fucking fault that his life was a mess.

Okay, maybe not the last reason, but what the hell, blaming that arrogant little Aryan fuck was better than admitting the truth; that Chris Keller had screwed up his own life, and that he was responsible for his own destiny.

God, he missed Toby so much.

He owed Tobias Beecher his life, and he'd been sure that getting off Death Row would make everything all right. He kept telling himself that knowing Toby was away from Oz, and leading a normal life with his family, should make him feel better.

But it didn't.

It hurt being here alone, and even worse, it hurt knowing that Toby was free, and living without him.


Away from Oz.

Fuck, fuck, FUCK!

Chris reached the plastic cup from the shelf and hurled it into the corner in blind frustration.

He'd dreamed about Toby last night, the man's body warm and willing, lying wrapped in his arms. Smiling that patient smile, accepting everything that Chris Keller was, despite knowing the darkest places he'd dwelt.

That was real love.

Closing his eyes and breathing in, he was sure could still smell Toby's sweat. His fingertips tingled with recognition as in his mind he ran them over the pale, smiling face before him. Suddenly, Toby lunged, and pulled Chris's fingers into his mouth, sucking gently on each one.

Chris felt his groin tighten, just at the memory. No one in his miserable life had ever made him feel that way. Sex had never been the answer for him, not really. He'd never found getting people to have sex with him particularly difficult. Love was something else entirely. Only Bonnie had ever really loved him the way Toby did, completely, unconditionally, yet she'd still left him and married someone else.


No, no one loved him like Toby. He'd seen the vile thing that lived inside Chris Keller, and he'd embraced it.

Real acceptance, real redemption, was being wrapped up in Tobias Beecher's unrestrained passion, even if it was just for one night.

"I'd do anything to hold you in my arms," Chris hissed to himself, picturing a smiling Tobias Beecher in his mind once more, "I've killed for you," he growled, as his face turned dark, "and you're fucking some schoolteacher five minutes after you walk away from me!"

He slammed his head back into the pillow, "You never really loved me. If you did, you'd never have left. But I love you, Toby, and I'm going to prove it. I'm going to get you back, we're gonna be together again. I promise."


As the police officer snapped on the 'cuffs, Toby struggled with the tears that threatened to overcome him. Oddly, it wasn't the thought of going back to Oz that caused him so much pain, horrible as that was. It wasn't even the fact that he had to leave his kids again. No, it was the knowledge that Chris Keller had set him up that was almost too awful to bear.

Chris Keller. The man he just saved from Death Row, the man he loved. How could you do something like this to someone you loved?

"How could you?" he whispered to himself, "How the hell could you do this to me? I'd do anything for you. I'd have died for you, yet you did *this*? Why, Chris, for fuck's sake, *why*?"


"Hey, Keller, your girlfriend's back," the hack laughed, as he strolled past the cell.

Finally letting go of the breath he was holding, Chris swallowed hard. He knew what he'd done was bad, but he *wanted* Tobias Beecher, and that was all that mattered. Sure, Beecher would be pissed for a time, but he'd get over it. Hell, he'd gotten over having his arms broken by the man he loved; this would be easy in comparison.

Should he feel sorry for what he'd done? Maybe...

A smiling Schillinger slid in beside him at lunch, slapping him on the back.

"Fuck, Keller, I gotta say it, you are one cold bastard," he chuckled, "You wrote the book, boy, 'How to fuck over Tobias Beecher' Oh, let me count the ways," Schillinger coughed slightly as the joy twinkled in his cold blue eyes.

"Go fuck, Schillinger," Chris spat angrily.

This was never the point; he never wanted to fuck Toby over, in any way. He just wanted him back. Life in Oz was intolerable, but with Toby there, even hating him, Chris could make it through the day.

"Hey, I gotta give credit where it's due, you played him like a real two bit whore. It was genius, pure genius."

Turning to face Schillinger, Chris gritted his teeth, "So, Vern, you didn't die yet. Why is that?"

A momentary flash of uncertainty passed across Schillinger's face, and his smile faltered.

Chris stood slowly, and walked away. He knew his strengths, it wasn't what he said that made people fear him, it was the things he left unsaid; the things that they knew later became deeds.

The drabness of the cell closed in on him as he slid onto the bunk. He needed a new plan for this chapter of the story. The plot was easy, the death of Vern Schillinger, and the restoration of the trust, and love between him, and Beecher.

Like all really captivating storylines, it needed drama, pathos, and a twist to the tale.

Twisted was what Chris Keller did best.

Smiling to himself, Chris lay back, and began to put the plot together, piece by bloody piece.

"I'd do anything for you, Toby. Maim, torture, kill for you. Maybe even die for you."


The End



"I'd Do Anything"

by Simple Plan

Another day is going by

I'm thinking about you all the time

But you're out there

And I'm here waiting

And I wrote this letter in my head

'Cuz so many thing were left unsaid

But now you're gone

And I can't think straight

This could be the one last chance

To make you understand

I'd do anything

Just to hold you in my arms

To try to make you laugh

Somehow I can't put you in the past

I'd do anything

Just to fall asleep with you

Will you remember me?

'Cuz I know

I won't forget you

Together we broke all the rules

Dreaming of dropping out of school

And leave this place

To never come back

So now maybe after all these years

If you miss me have no fear

I'll be here

I'll be waiting

This could be the one last chance to make you understand

And I just can't let you leave me once again

I close my eyes

And all I see is you

I close my eyes

I try to sleep

I can't forget you

Nanana (....)

And I'd do anything for you

I'd do anything

To fall asleep with you

I'd do anything

There's nothing I won't do

I'd do anything

To fall asleep with you

I'd do anything

'Cuz I know

I won't forget you