Title: Double Date

Author/psuedonym: alyjude

Email: alyjude@webtv.net

Rating: NC17

Pairing: J/B

Category:<aly, flipping through categories....> First time, yep, definitely a first time.

Status: Complete and new

Series/sequel: no and forever no

Date: July 9, 2000

Archive: Yes, please

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Disclaimer: I disclaim men who rue the day we got the vote. I disclaim all knowledge of UPN. I disclaim silk sheets when used in conjunction with silk pj's (that first slide off the bed is a killer) and I disclaim all knowledge of making any money from this story or any other. But I have been offered a pretty penny not to write! :))

Warning: Uh, don't wear silk pj's in a silk sheet covered bed?

Summary: Wherein the guys go on a double date and they and their dates talk about it afterward. This is earth shattering stuff, let me tell you.

Note: Thanks to melvin, as always. :))

Double Date by alyjude

"Well, that was interesting."

Carla Stevens slipped off her coat and faced her best friend and roomie, Bonnie Carpenter.

"Um, yes. Interesting is the right word."

They went into their separate bedrooms, still talking.

"It should have been a great night, Carla,"

Bonnie yelled as she slipped out of her black sheath and pulled off her diamond earrings.

"Yeah, I know. This date had everything going for it. So what went wrong? You did like Jim Ellison, right?" Carla was still wearing her skimpy red dress, but had kicked off her heels and was already stripping her face of make-up.

"Girl, from the first glance, I was a goner. God, what a dream."

"So, what happened?"

Bonnie pulled on her flannel pajamas and took a brush to her long, curly brown hair. "Hell if I know. It all seemed to be there, you know? We have so much in common. And god, he's so funny and, well, what a hunk."

Carla tossed the cotton pad into the trash by her dressing table and started to wiggle out of her pantyhose. "Yeah, he was that. But you've got to admit, my Blair t'wern't bad either."

"Oh, now that Blair Sandburg is whole 'nother kettle of fish. No hunk, but man, is he beautiful. And you two have dated before, so what happened this time?"

Biting her lip, Carla paused in her undressing. "I don't know. He was - different tonight. I mean, we've only been out a couple of times before, but we really hit it off. And I've got to tell you girl, he is one fine kisser."

"Well, something was off tonight. When you get into your sweats, pop in here and we'll try to figure this out."

"You got it."


~~~<@ ~~~<@


The door slammed shut and Jim tore off his dinner jacket and tossed it behind him, uncaring of where it landed.

"Never again, Chief. Never again will I let you talk me into double dating."

"Jim, are you telling me you didn't like Bonnie?"

"I liked her fine. She was beautiful, intelligent, law abiding. What's not to like?"

"Then what the hell are you complaining about?"

Blair toed off his shoes, sat down on the couch, his stockinged feet propped up by the coffee table. As he waited for Jim's answer, he tore into his tie, pulling it loose.

"Couldn't you feel it? There was no - energy, no spark. The whole evening was - flat." Jim plopped down beside him, his shoulder just touching Sandburg's. He played with his tie as he waited for Blair's response.

"Well, now that you mention it, I mean, Carla and I have been out twice before and I like her, I really like her, but tonight, well, you're right, no sizzle."

"You sound like Sally Field. You like me, you really like me. What a doofus." He swatted Blair's head as he added, "But, Bonnie was great, so why didn't the evening gel?"

Blair noticed that Jim was having difficulty with his tie so he turned and brushing Jim's hands away, started to work on it as he answered, "Damned if I know, Ellison. This should've been the perfect evening. Two beautiful women, both smart and funny, having everything in common with the two GQ men that escorted them, the men witty and charming. What could go wrong?"

"Yeah. One man a greek god, the other - short. What could go wrong?"

Blair pulled the two ends of the tie - away from each other and Jim gulped. "Okay, okay, one greek god and one - one - dream lover. How's that?"

"Better, Jim, better. And you know, the more I think about it, the more puzzled I become. It should have worked."

"Um, maybe it was the movie? I told you we should have gone to see that submarine movie."

"Oh, yeah, that would have bowled them over. I think Notting Hill was the perfect date movie."

The tie was finally undone so Jim stood and stretched. Taking the offending item from Blair's hand, he said,"I'm going up and get out of this monkey suit. How about some of the soothing tea you're always harping about?"

"Sure, I'll get it started. Got some of those caramel brownies left too."

At the words, caramel brownies, Jim did an about face and said, "I'll undress later, and skip the tea for me, I'll have milk."

Blair was just passing the kitchen table on his way into the kitchen when Jim said milk so he stopped, grabbed a pad and pen from his stash of study materials spread out over the table and began to scribble furiously.

"Sandburg, what are you doing?"

"Oh, just jotting down a few notes for the Cascade PD Gazette. Major Crime is supposed to be represented in each issue, you know? So I've just come up with the perfect story." He put down the pen and made a sweeping gesture with his hands as he intoned, "Major Crime Detective, winner of the 1997 Detective of the Year award prefers milk with his caramel brownies. Got milk?"

"Sandburg, you know that dream you always have about standing in front of your class naked?"

"Uh, yeah."

"I can make that a reality. Watch it, Tonto."

Blair stuck out his tongue.


~~<@ ~~<@


Carla stepped into Bonnie's bedroom and dropped down on the queen size bed. She was wearing her pale blue sleep sweats, two sizes too big for her, her straight blonde hair pulled back and held by a fluffy blue elastic band. On her feet she wore soft white bunny slippers. The sleek, beautiful woman of an hour ago had been replaced by a teenager. Carla was a high priced defense lawyer.

Bonnie came out her closet, her own feet encased in argyle mukluks. Her curly hair was tamed by two clips, her face completely devoid of make-up. Bonnie looked 16. She was Forensic Psychologist.

She sat down at the head of her bed and frowned. "Do you suppose it was the movie? Maybe we should have insisted on the stupid submarine movie?"

Carla had brought a nail file into the room with her and was filing her nails as she answered, "Nah. Notting Hill was a great date movie. There was something else wrong."

"Well, it's not like we haven't double dated before, and very successfully too."

"Yep. Blair's double dated too. And come on, Jim is what, almost forty?

Surely he's double dated in his time."

"So we both agree, it wasn't the movie, it wasn't the fact that we were double dating. The men were perfect and we know we're perfect."

Both ladies snickered.

"The movie was good. I mean, you can't go wrong with Julia Roberts and Hugh Grant."

"Yeah, and dinner was wonderful."


~~<@ ~~~<@


Both men sat at the table, happily munching brownies and swigging down milk. Blair had discarded his dinner jacket and his suspenders hung limply at his hips.

He was also wearing a moustache - a white moustache.

Jim got up to get a couple of paper towels, and as he passed Sandburg, he ran a finger along Blair's upper lip and chuckled.

"Gee, Chief, got milk?"

Blair swatted his hand away and ran his tongue over his upper lip.

"You bastard."

Jim chuckled, grabbed the towels and after sitting back down and snicking another brownie, said, "The more I think about it, the more I think the movie was good, the dinner was good, the company was good. It was just the date that was bad."

Blair laughed at that but nodded. "The only possible explanation, Jim."

"Exactly. How can a movie with Hugh Grant be bad?"

Blair peered over his glass at Jim and smirked. "Uh, don't you mean how can a movie with Julia Roberts be bad?"

"Well, sure, but Hugh Grant is Hugh Grant. And for my money, he has a better head of hair and a bigger smile."

"Right. And what was all that talk about breasts?"

"That was a logical question for a woman to ask. What is our fascination with breasts?"

"Hey, I say, what's their fascination with our butts?"


~~~<@ ~~~<@


"You know, I keep seeing that one scene in the movie where Julia Roberts asks about breasts?"

"Oh, yeah. God that was hilarious. What are men so fascinated about? I mean, they are just breasts." Carla looked down at her smart, perky twosome, then looked back up and laughed.

Bonnie tweaked hers through the flannel and smiled. "I'll take a man's butt any day of the week, girl."

"Oh, yeah, now there's something to drool over and no one has a finer butt than Blair's."

Bonnie leaned over and grabbed a bottle of hand lotion, twisted off the top and squirted some into her palm. As she worked over her hands, she said, "Did you see the butt on Jim? We're talking bouncing tennis balls off that butt."

"Blair's was - rounder. Higher. You know? And I like a little - softness in my man's butt."

Suddenly, Bonnie stopped rubbing the lotion and stared at her roomie.

Carla looked up and shrugged helplessly, "What? What?"

"Oh, man. That's it. That's what was wrong with the evening."

"Blair's butt?"

Bonnie nodded, stupified.

"Excuse me? How could something that beautiful ruin our evening?

"You remember when Blair went to get our drinks? We were standing in the lobby?"

"Well, duh, of course silly."

"Where was Jim looking?"

"What do you mean?"

"I mean, he sure as hell wasn't looking at me. He was watching Blair walk away. And he wasn't looking at his back. More like his back*side*."

Carla sat up, the file forgotten. "You are out of your mind, sister. He was not looking at Blair's butt."

"Oh, yes he was. And that is what was wrong with the evening."


~~~<@ ~~~<@


"You have a good point, Darwin. Women are obsessed with our butts. And why not our johnsons, eh?"

Blair spewed milk. "OUR JOHNSONS?"

"Yeah, our johnsons, our dicks, Jimmy Jr, Blair Jr....."

"Gee, Jim, can we be big boys, and call our johnsons by their given name? Penis?"

"Oh, yeah, like I say penis all the time."

Blair rolled his eyes. "I can't believe we're having this discussion.

I'll bet you can't say vagina."

"Sandburg, you're getting crass."

Blair hooted and pointed. "See? I knew you couldn't say it. A woman's vagina is not crass."

"How did we move from our butts to their vaginas? And see? I can say it."

Sandburg made a big show of applauding Jim. "There is hope for you yet, Ellison."

"Yeah, yeah. I was using the word vagina before you born, squirt."

"You probably thought you were saying Virginia."

Jim blushed to his roots and Blair nearly fell over, he was laughing so hard . A moment later, Jim joined in. As he sputtered, he gasped out, "Well, I did.....call ---- my Aunt Virginia, Aunt Vagina."

After they calmed down and Jim had taken the empty brownie plate into the kitchen, they moved into the living room and sat down. Blair took his usual spot on the couch and Jim promptly joined him. They plopped their stockinged feet on the coffee table.

"Which brings us back to this evening, mens butts and womens vag...."

"Not again, Chief. Suffice it to say - women aren't the only gender fascinated by the male butt."

"And we aren't the only gender fascinated by breasts."

"Precisely. I'm a butt man myself."

"I'm a - hand man. And a leg man. And a...."

"We get it, Sandburg. You're a body man. Any body."

"Well, hardly. I do have my standards."

"Breathing being standard number one."

Blair snorted and gave Jim a sharp elbow in the ribs before saying, "Actually, I'm rather fond of the male butt. But definitely the female...."

"Let me guess, the female breast."

They broke out into laughter again, Blair almost choking until Jim began giving him not so gentle thumps on the back.

When Blair could breathe again, Jim said, "I noticed tonight, Bonnie had her eye on your butt."

"Oh, yeah?" Blair stood and twisted around, trying to get a look at his butt. "Nah, don't think so. Not your typical butt. Besides, I saw that move of hers, trailing her hand down your butt."

Jim smiled wickedly. "Yeah, she did, didn't she?"


~~~<@ ~~~<@


"Okay, are you saying that Blair Sandburg and Jim Ellison - are - GAY?"

"Yep, that's exactly what I'm saying."

"No way Jose. I'd bet the farm on the fact that those two men are straighter than the straightest line ever drawn."

Bonnie just kept up the smug smile.

"No, it's not possible, Bon. Come on, I know Blair. He's - straight. You should hear what the women say about him. He's a snuggler, and he loves foreplay, and he's a great lover, and, and, he's sweet and sensitive, and, and...."

"And gay."

"Jim is a cop, fer crissakes! A COP."

"Cops can't be gay? And they room together too. And didn't you notice how often they touched each other? Jeesh, Jim touched Blair more than he touched me!"

"For crying out loud, we room together and we're not gay."

"We've roomed together for three months because your last boyfriend...."

Carla held up her hand, "Okay, okay...but..."

"But nothing. You know how long Blair has lived with Jim?" At Carla's shaking head, Bonnie held up three fingers.

"No way - three YEARS?!"

"Yep, three years. You said it yourself, Jim is almost forty and Blair is going on thirty. And yet...."

"And yet - still roommates."

"Uh, huh."

"And if you need more proof, what did you and Blair talk about when Jim and I went out to the patio at the restaurant?"

"Well, we talked about my career, and about Rich Summers and what a screw up he is and how he's always screwing with Jim's cases, and how Jim must have the patience of a....."

"Uh, huh. You talked about Jim."

"Damn. You're right. Almost the whole discussion revolved around Ellison."

"Wanna know what we talked about?"

"Let me guess; Blair?"

"Yep. I told Jim how much you liked Blair and you know what Jim said?"


"He said, What's not to like?."

For some reason, that sent both women into a bout of the giggles.

Finally Carla surfaced enough to say, "Man, they are so in love."


~~~<@ ~~~<@


"Stand up again, Sandburg."


"Stand up again."

Blair stood and frowned down at his partner. "What?"

Jim made a little twirling motion with his index finger and said, "Now turn around."

Blair turned, but he was mighty suspicious.

"Yep. Okay, you can sit down now."

Blair turned back but remained standing. "What was that all about, if I may ask?"

"Just checking something."

"And that would be?"

"I was comparing your butt to Bonnie's breasts."

Blair fell down.

"Hey, you okay?"

"Sure, sure." But Blair was rubbing his butt. "So, how do I compare?"

"Oh, you have a much better butt than she has breasts. But then, like I said, I'm a butt man."

"Man, you say the nicest things. And I think I'm beginning to understand why this evening failed."

Blair scrambled up and pushed Jim's legs apart, then sidled in between the strong thighs. He reached down and brought up Jim's hands and placed them on his ass.

"Feel better than Bonnie's breasts?"

Jim closed his eyes and smiled. "Much."

"Not too soft?"

"Just right."

"You are a butt man."

"Oh, yeah." Then his eyes opened and he looked hard at his best friend.

"What's happening here, Blair?"

"I'm not sure, but I do know I like your hands right where they are."


~~~<@ ~~~<@


Carla fell back on the bed laughing and Bonnie joined her.

Finally catching her breath, Bonnie wiped her eyes and said, "Man, what a waste."

"Oh, girl, I can't believe you said that. It is hardly a waste."

"Yes it is. Any time a good looking guy is with somebody that isn't me, it's a waste."

"Hey, you don't suppose they just used us, do you?"

"No. But I don't think they have a clue about how they feel. Men are such idiots."

"Can't live with 'em, can't live without 'em."

"Only good for...." they finished together, "taking out the trash and opening jars!" Then they collapsed in heap, holding onto each other as they laughed.

When their giggling subsided, Bonnie whispered, "I have a confession."


"I find the idea of ---- two men together? Really

· hot."


"Oh, girlfriend, the minute your point sunk in that Jim and Blair were, well, interested in each other, I got so hot and wet thinking of the two of them, god, that big hunky Jim going down on...."

"nononono, the other way around. Those lips of Blair's? Going down on Jim?"


~~~<@ ~~~>@


"Well, I gotta tell ya, Sandburg, my hands have never been happier."

"So, this is what went wrong with tonight's date?"

"And every date for the last three years." Jim pulled Blair in closer and the younger man put his hands on either side of Jim's face and dropped his head.....

Their lips touched, lightly at first, but then Jim's fingers squeezed Blair's butt and Blair moaned into Jim's mouth....


~~~<@ ~~~>@


"Can you imagine them kissing?"

Bonnie got all dreamy eyed, "oh, yes."

"You know, I saw a movie once - called Broadway Damage and it had this hot kiss between the two male leads and right now, I gotta tell you, I'm picturing Blair on the grass, and Jim bending over him, and that kiss....."

Carla started making fanning gestures with her hand and Bonnie started laughing again.


~~~<@ ~~~>@


Jim's hand came up and cupped the back of Blair's head, fingers gripping hair, his body surging up even as he brought Blair closer....

Blair murmured into Jim's mouth, "jesus" and Jim smiled into Blair's.

They parted, panting, eyes glazed. "Shiiit."

"My sentiments exactly. All these years, wasted."


Blair brought his lips close to Jim's ear and after a small nibble which solicited a hungry groan, he whispered, "why did we wait?" Jim turned his head so that his mouth was a mere centimeter from Blair's and murmured, "rules, ethics, honor..."

Blair's tongue flicked out and captured a bit of moisture on Jim's lip as he whispered back, "so rules are about to fly out the door? along with ethics and honor?"

"Fuck rules, fuck ethics and fuck honor. They were all in my head anyway."

Blair tilted his head, his eyes taking in the face below him, the blue depths of his eyes shining in wonder and now curiousity. "How does this break some honor code? Or ethical code? Is there some new macho code about James Ellison getting it on with a short, jewish guy?"

It was Jim's turn to nibble and he was very glad the two earrings were within reach. As he tugged, he mumbled, "partners, not getting involved with one's roommate, your diss, simon, mixing business with pleasure....."

Blair pulled his ear away and in a mocking tone, asked, "which of us is the pleasure and which is the business, kemo sabe?" Fingers squeezed his butt as Jim chuckled and whispered back, "at the moment? who the hell cares."

That brought Blair up short and he leaned back.

"But tomorrow you might."

Jim shook his head emphatically, "No way. This is right. And it will be right tomorrow and every day thereafter."

"I'm wondering, Jim. I don't think I could go back even now and we've only kissed," he glanced down and back at Jim's fingers, kneading his ass and he smiled, "and fondled."

"No going back, Blair. I'm serious. We're a team, in every way and anyone who has trouble with that, well, they can go jump in a lake."

"Why do I think you'll be the first one in?"

"You really think I'll have trouble with this? We've both been with men before, this isn't new. Why would I have trouble with us?"

"You tell me."

"I won't. I - love you."

Blair looked at him tenderly, but in the shadows of his eyes, swam doubt. "Okay, so tomorrow, you'll be fine. I'll be fine, everyone will be fine. Fine."

"Come on, Chief, you know me. And we both haven't acted on our feelings, it's not just me."

"Yes it is. It's just you, Jim." Blair's eyes darkened as he dropped forward again, "But that's been your problem. Not honor or ethics or rules. Trust. But hear me well, Sentinel of the Great City - it is just you."

Jim understood exactly what Blair was trying to tell him. He tightened his grip on the man and pulled his head down so that he could bury his head in Blair's neck.

"And it's just you, Chief. Just you."


~~~<@ ~~~<@


Carla lay on her back, sighing dreamily.

Bonnie's head was at the other end as she tossed the hand lotion into the air and caught it.

"God, can you imagine those two in bed?"

Carla flipped over onto her stomach again and asked, "Who do you think will top?"

"Jim, of course."

"Why Jim? Why not Blair?"

"Because Blair isn't stupid and he is definitely the one in control in that relationship.


Carla flopped back over and grinned. "Yeah, he is. But you know what?"


"*I* was the one in control when we were dating. Me. Totally."

Bonnie looked over at her roommate and smirked. "Aren't you always?"

"Yep, I am."

Bonnie flopped over on her stomach and mused, "What do you suppose they're doing right now?"

"I don't know, but I know what I wish they were doing right now....can't you just see it?"

Bonnie closed her eyes and moaned. "oh, yeah, i can see it fine. Blair's kissing Jim, with tongue and my detective is sucking it in...."


~~~<@ ~~~<@


Nothing could compare. Nothing. Not the Super Duper Double Wonderburger with everything on it, not a Filet Mignon wrapped in bacon, not a medium rare slab of prime rib from The Hornblower Inn, not even a piece of Mrs. Evenston's strawberry pie.

Nothing could top Blair Sandburg's tongue. No boiling required.

Jim moaned into Blair's mouth and he let the edge of his hand slide against the material of Blair's slacks, into the crease between those round globes he'd been attacking.

Blair gave an involuntary thrust immediately followed by a growl that worked its way down Jim's throat and landed in his stomach. His hands moved around front and expertly pulled Blair's dress shirt out of his slacks, then ran his fingers up Blair's skin, feeling the goosebumps rise and the slight shiver of anticipation course through the younger man's body. He smiled into the kiss, the smile widening as Blair's hands started on his shirt.


~~~<@ ~~~<@


"Do you suppose guys undress each other the way they undress us?"

"Indubitably. But I bet they get a bit more rough, you know? I'm always having to stop guys from ripping through silk blouses."

"Oh, yeah, the animals."

Both women grinned wickedly and Bonnie added, "Like we'd have them any other way?"


~~~<@ ~~~<@


Blair was having difficulty with Jim's shirt and as their heads moved, as lips were licked and tugged, Jim could feel Blair's impatience. Finally the younger man gripped the edge of Jim's shirt and started to rip, but Jim pulled away and said, "Hey, this is my best dress shirt. NO shredding."

"Well then get it the fuck off of your body, NOW, Detective Ellison."

"I'm kinda busy here, in case you hadn't noticed." And with those words, he tweaked a nipple again which solicited that much loved involuntary thrust.

"Then say good-bye shirt!" Buttons popped, flying right and left. then bouncing on the wood floor.

"I really liked that shirt."

"More than this?" Blair's head dropped a bit and his mouth latched onto a nipple.



~~~<@ ~~~<@


"Okay, what about foreplay?"

"What do you mean, what about foreplay?"

"Well, it's a well known fact that men prefer the boom to badda-badda boom. That given a choice, they'd go directly to boom, by passing badda-badda altogether. So - when two men get together- do they go for the badda-badda or just the boom?"

"You want I should call Blair and ask?"

"Goof ball. I'm serious here. Boom or badda-badda?"

"Um, I think - badda-badda boom, and sometimes, badda-badda and sometimes, just boom."

"Must be why you're the lawyer. Geesh. I say that tonight - the whole magilla. Tonight, our guys are doing the badda-badda big time, followed by one hell of a boom."

"Ya think? Why tonight?"

"Well, now that I think back on this evening, I think - in the air. I think, the chemistry was there, it was volatile, and they don't stand a chance."

"Must be why you're the forensic psychologist."


"Mmm what?"

"Ssh, I'm - imagining."

"Oh. Well - share."

"I think - I think," Bonnie flipped over again, her face suddenly serious. "Who will go down on who first?"


~~~<@ ~~~<@


"You bit me!"

Blair didn't answer, being too busy nibbling and teasing one very erect nub.

"do it again."

He did.

Jim was euphoric, but something, he needed something....he needed....

Fingers moved to Blair's zipper and quickly brought the damn thing down, then fingers were stroking, coaxing as his left hand went back to Blair's hip and started pulling the slacks down, catching Blair's briefs with them and in seconds, Blair's cock was in his hand, alive, warm and pulsating.

He maneuvered Blair back and slid to the edge of the couch and with a glance upwards, noting the sudden flare of heat in Blair's eyes, he went to town on the wonderburger of wonderburgers.

~~~<@ ~~~<@


"Blair. Definitely Blair. He's going down on him as we speak."

"No, definitely Jim. Especially since we've already decided that Blair will top by being the bottom."

"And that has to do with who goes down first how?"

"You gotta relax the topee."

"The TOPEE??? Where do you come up with this stuff? You're thirty-seven years old, an accomplished woman, and you just said, topee. Jeesh."

"Okay, Miss prissy pants, you gotta relax the bottom. There, does that sound better?"

A pink satin throw pillow found it's mark.

"Tell me we're not going to have a pillow fight? Tell me that, please."


~~~<@ ~~~<@


Jim found himself slipping down to the floor, on his knees, his hands gripping Blair's ass, kneading it as he sucked and worked Blair's cock down his throat. His tongue was doing a number on Sandburg, judging by the frantic humping. Blair was giving his mouth a thorough fucking and Jim was certain he could come from this alone.

He could feel Blair's orgasm growing, knew it was just seconds away and he let his finger drift between the ass cheeks, teasing the hot opening and that was all it took - Blair came shuddering into his mouth and he took it all, swallowed rapidly and then caught the exhausted body as it slumped against him.

Taking hold, he shifted their bodies so that he was lying on his back, Blair sprawled across him, his head resting on Jim's shoulder. The hair Jim had dreamt about was spread out, tickling his skin and he immediately buried his fingers in it, brushing through them, watching the play of light on each strand.

"I have to tell ya," he whispered into the ear next to his mouth, "I love your hair. Not ashamed to admit it either." Jim felt the smile against his skin as Blair mumbled, "kept it long, just for you."

"yeah, right."

"no, really, i'm serious. i don't need it long anymore, it was just a way to be...."


"no, to be noticed."

Jim tilted his head and lifted Blair's at the same time as astounded, he asked, "Noticed? You? Why do I not see that as a problem for you?"

Blair chuckled and said, "Because you only see the me of today, not the me of a few years ago."

"You amaze me sometimes."

"Sometimes? HA!"

"Okay, most times. And a few years ago, what?"

"Let's not revisit my infamous past, okay? Besides, my thigh is getting bruised, which means you need some relief - r-e-l-i-e-f."


"You got stuff?"

"I got stuff. You got the will?"

Blair pushed himself up, grinning wildly and before Jim could blink, he was up and running, yelling over his shoulder, "You know the way!"

Oh, yeah, running after Sandburg with a boner the size of Texas? Amble.

He could - amble.

He ambled.

But he ambled fast.


~~~<@ ~~~<@


"I'm thinking - cold shower."

"I'm thinking - hot bath and then some battery operated assistance."

"While visions of Jim and Blair float over your head?"

"Don't say head when I'm in this condition."

"I say we skip the bath, the shower and head, er, go to Hollywood Video and grab us a couple of hot movies."

Bonnie jumped up and laughing, said, "How about "Dirk Does the Dallas Cowboys"?"

"Oh, yeah, and "David Deep Throats Danny"!"

"Meet you in the living room in ten."

As Carla raced out of Bonnie's room, Bonnie yelled, "DO WE HAVE POPCORN?"


~~~<@ ~~~<@


Two sweaty, sated bodies, limbs entwined, lay in a pool of moonlight, sheets askew.

"no regrets in the morning, jim?"

"no regrets ever."

"we gonna tell simon?"

"let him guess."

"suppose we should apologize to carla and bonnie?"

"by telling them....what exactly?"

"um, that the evening was a complete bust because you had the hots for me?"

Jim's hand rose and came down hard.

"OUCH!" Blair rubbed his already sore but happy butt.

"more where that came from, shorty."

"promises, promises."

"now you've done it."

"no, jim,no, come on man, no....jiiiim!"


The End