If Ben Were Here & Sentinels Weren't So Stupid

by alyjude




"Okay, that's not good."

"Now, don't panic, it was just the....."

"alarm, just the alarm, as in the elevator is broke. Man, I just knew it. *I* get into an elevator and it breaks. Fix it, Jim. Fix it now."

 Jim cocked one eyebrow at his fellow elevator trapee, as if to say, *Oh, yeah? And how do you expect me to do *that*?*, while at the same time, he made a circular motion with his right hand, and chanted, "Oh, Great Elevator Gods, listen to me. This is James Joseph Ellison, Sentinel of the Great City, hear my words. I'm trapped in one of your lesser god elevators, with a wuss named Blair Jacob Sandburg, Shaman of the Great City, only know one knows it, so I'm wondering if it really counts...," he experienced a sharp kick in the shin, but continued bravely, "But I digress. As Sentinel of the Great City, which by the way, is highly debatable. I mean, New York is a *great* city, San Francisco is a *great* city, London is a *great* city, but Cascade?", a sharp poke in the ribs reminded him that he had once again digressed, so with an *ahem*, he continued.

 "So, as I was saying. As Sentinel of the Great City, I *insist* that you immediately start up this small child of an elevator god, as my chicken shit partner is turning green and while there are many colors that are very attractive on him, pea-green isn't one of them.....", Jim now reversed his arm action, added his left hand, letting it twirl as if holding a wand, and when nothing happened, he turned to Sandburg and shrugged.

 "Gee, Chief. Seems the Sentinel of the Great City has very limited powers. We're stuck."

 But Blair was no longer listening. He was frowning and chewing his bottom lip, a sure sign that he was "contemplating", which was a very *bad* sign.

 "Uh, Jim? Exactly what *are* some of those colors that you think I look good in? Inquiring minds want to know."

 "Uh, oh."

 "And do guys really notice those things about other guys? I mean, we both know Rafe dresses like a dapper dan, but I sure as hell couldn't tell you *what* he wears, or what colors he looks best in....and are there any guys you think are really good looking?"

 Jim took two desperate steps toward the elevator control board and began to pound the buttons, and when that failed, he pounded the doors.

 "Jim? Jim? You okay, man? A little claustrophobic?" Blair somehow failed to keep the snide tone out of his voice.

 "No, no. Just anxious to get us out of here. For *your* sake, just thinking of you, of your comfort."

 "Well, it looks like we're going to be here awhile, so answer the question. Are there any guys you think are really attractive?"

 "Sandburg, that is a stupid question. I'm a guy, you're a guy and guys don't notice those things. Now if you want to talk about the new blonde in Burglary, I'm your man."

 "Oh, yeah, he's great. Tall, built like a brick house. He must be 6'5 if an inch. And have you noticed how he fills out those jeans of his?"

 Jim gazed down at his partner askance. Not that Jim Ellison would ever admit that he was looking *askance* at anyone.....

 "Sandburg? *I* was talking about Lori."

 "So? I was talking about Ben. Although.....Lori is pretty cool. But man, she's engaged. Found *that* out her first day. And I mean *really* engaged."

 "Ben, on the other hand, is as free as a bird. I'm seriously considering asking him out. Which is totally ridiculous, know what I mean? I sincerely doubt that I'm anywhere near his type. He's probably like you....loves 'em tall, mysterious and with a distinct criminal bent. Must be a cop thing. Nope, I don't stand a chance - too short. Too - honest."

 Jim could remember one summer when his father had taken he and Steven up to Jenks Lake for a weekend. He'd gone swimming and had been caught in one of those rare whirlpools. The kind where you're sucked under and your body keeps going round and round in circles and you can't get out.

 Deja Vu.

 Blair Sandburg - whirlpool.

 "So." Blair gazed nervously about him.


 Sandburg's foot began to tap, his eyes started roving and a tick formed at the corner of his right eye.

 "Jim, I'm losing it here."

 Jim had absolutely *no* sympathy as he said with a sneer, "Just think of *Ben*."

 "Not gonna work, man. Maybe," he looked up at the ceiling, "maybe we could get out through the panel, up there?"

 "Nope. Why don't you imagine that you're stuck in this elevator with *BEN*? He'd *have* to notice you then."

 Blair's eyes narrowed, his brows coming together, then his head tilted slightly to the left as he regarded his Sentinel.....ummmm.

 "You know, you're right. Let me see....what *would* I do, if I were stuck in this elevator with Ben....instead of a useless Sentinel of the Great City?" Suddenly, he snapped his fingers and went, "AH, HA!"

 Blair started humming, lightly, just under his breath, as his hips started to slowly rotate in time to his music. His hands lazily slipped off his jacket, then nimble fingers unbuttoned buttons.....in an agonizing, leisurely manner, until the shirt hung open, revealing his chest. In the same drawnout way, he slipped his shirt off, letting it drop to the floor.

 Hips still rotating, he now added a slight pelvic motion, in - out, in - out...., but oh, so subtly, as he moved forward, toward Jim, who was rooted to the spot, mouth hanging open, drooling. When Blair was only inches away, his fingers dropped down to the button on his jeans and with deliberate lingering, he let the button slip out, then those same fingers rested on the zipper, and Blair moved a fraction closer, as Jim stared, his fondest wet dream suddenly becoming a reality. And Jim found himself *glued* to that zipper and he could no more have *unglued* himself than he could fail to repress *any* bad event from his past.

 The zipper started to lower......Jim bit his lip.

 Lower still......Jim sucked in his breath to keep from screaming.

 Oh, God. No underwear. Sweat began to trickle down Jim's temples.

 The zipper was almost there....almost down.....a tantalizing peek at dark, springy pubic hair.....and Jim could no longer breathe, didn't dare blink.

 The movement of the zipper stopped.

 Then moved.



 Up - and up. Fingers buttoned the fly.

 "oh, god."

 Blair turned, bent at the waist, his rear now prominently displayed. He scooped up his shirt, slipped it on, buttoned it up, grabbed his jacket, pulled it on and once again faced Jim.

 "Anyway, *that's* what I'd do if *BEN* were in this elevator, instead of a stupid Sentinel. And I'll bet you really didn't want to hear that, hey, Jim?"

 Before Ellison could answer, the elevator started moving, stopped at the tenth floor, doors slid open and Blair stepped out. He turned, lifted his shoulders, waggled his eyebrows and said, "Jim? You getting out?"

 Jim stepped stiffly out, and with great difficulty, followed his partner down the hall. He vowed to kill the little shit later, when they got home.

 (O) (O) (O) (O) (O) (O) (O) (O) (O)

 "I don't think he did it, Jim. I believe him."

 "Same here. So we now we go back to square one."

 The two men had just come out of the law offices of Smith, Constable and Perkins, where they'd been interviewing the prime suspect in the murder of Melissa Perkins, wife of Montgomery Perkins, Attorney at Law. They walked down the hall and back to the elevators. Blair looked at them, then at Jim, then at the stairs.

 "We could, um, maybe - walk down?"

 Jim reached out one finger and calmly punched the down arrow. "We're taking the elevator, Chief. Buck up, be a man."

 There was a soft *ping* and a moment later, the elevator doors whooshed open. Jim gingerly stepped in, lifted his shoulders, waggled his eyebrows and said, "You coming, Sandburg?"

 Vowing to kill Jim later, when they got home, Sandburg stepped inside. The doors slid shut and the elevator started down.


 "Gee, Chief, I bet you really didn't want to hear that?"

 No, he wouldn't kill him....he'd hire someone to do the dirty deed....after hours of torture.

 "Up yours, Ellison."

 Jim snatched the red phone off the wall and waited.....

 "Yeah, we're stuck. What's wrong? This is the second time today."

 "Oh, really? We should have taken the stairs? Would it interest you to know, that you're speaking to Detective James Ellison, of the Cascade Police Department?"

 "oh. It wouldn't?"

 "Yes, well - thank you." He hung up the phone, sighed heavily and resolutely refused to meet Blair's steadfast gaze.

 Blair smothered his laughter. But it took everything he had.

 Several minutes passed, minutes of silence, minutes of hard thinking. Hard on Jim's part anyway. Blair was just trying not to pee in his pants. Way too embarrassing.

 Finally, "You know, I've been thinking, Chief....and no smart ass remarks about Sentinels and how they shouldn't think....anyway, I've been wondering what *I'd* do if Lori were in this elevator with me, instead of the Shaman of the Great City.....Ummm....", and Jim cocked his head, regarded his partner, then walked over to him and, "I think I'd do something like this....you know, try to sweep her off her feet, so to speak....."

 Jim put one hand on each of Sandburg's arms, then pulled him in close, bent his head and kissed him. Kissed him long, hard and deep. And Blair couldn't have moved, even if he'd wanted to, because when Jim had grabbed his arms, he'd kind of *lifted* and Blair wasn't exactly touching the ground. He was, like - dangling.

 The kiss seemed to go on forever....and Blair just dangled, and kissed back. Until Jim dropped him, on the ground.

 "Yeah, that's what I'd do if Lori were in this elevator.....well, except the dropping part. I wouldn't have dropped *her*."

 Before Blair could answer, the elevator began it's quick decent to the first floor. The doors opened and Jim stepped out. He turned, looked down and asked, "Need help up?"

 Blair was thirty years old. Had a Master's. His IQ was almost 200, his mind was so full of knowledge, he sometimes had difficulty remembering where he lived, all of which explained *why* he sat on the floor of the elevator and stuck out his tongue at Detective Jim Ellison.

 He got up, straightened his clothing with great dignity and walked out, smiling at the ten people waiting to get *on*.

 (O) (O) (O) (O) (O) (O) (O) (O) (O)

 By the time they left the station, it was after seven, and home was looking pretty good. Neither man had mentioned a word about their *adventures* in elevators, as they worked throught the rest of the day, putting criminals behind bars, giving Simon a hard time, and complimenting Connor on her lack of taste - clothing wise.

 Jim parked the truck and the two men plodded their way into the building's lobby. Without thinking, Blair punched the up arrow.

 A minute later, both men were once again stepping into an elevator.

As the machine passed floor number 2, Blair made his decision. He punched the *Stop* button and as the old elevator grinded to a halt, he turned and faced down his Sentinel.

 "So. Should I ask Ben out?"

 Jim's pale blue eyes widened in surprise. "Excuse me?"

 "I said, should I ask Ben out on a date? Do you think he'd go?"

 Jim looked, he really did. And could see nothing but innocence in those sapphire blues. And curiousity.

 "You're asking me if I think you should ask Ben Holder out on a date?"

 "And if you think he'd go."

 Two could play at this game.

 "Maybe I already asked him out myself."

 "Uh, huh."

 "Maybe he said yes. Maybe we're going out tomorrow night."

 "Maybe you're really sixteen years old, disguised as a forty year old. Maybe."

 "And that means what?"

 "That means you are the biggest child I've ever known. You did not ask Ben out. You would never ask Ben out. He's not your type."

 "I would too ask Ben out. And he is exactly my type."

 "No he isn't." And Blair stepped close, his chest almost touching Jim's, as he looked up at the man. "*I'm* your type. You're *only* type. Just me. Admit it."

 Jim let a small grin tug at the corners of his mouth as he said, "Okay. I admit it."

 "Good. Now. Should I ask Ben out or not?"

 "You little shit. You're going to pay for that one." And Jim pushed Blair back to the wall, pinning him, and his hands began to take off all the clothes Blair had early stripped, except when *he* got to the zipper, he kept going down, all - the - way.

 When Blair's cock sprung out, alive and well, Jim knelt, hands gripping suddenly thrusting hips, and with agonizing slowness, he brought his mouth to the now oozing cock. He let his tongue flick out, catch one drop, then another, and another. He took one hand off Blair's hip and planted it squarely on the younger man's chest, holding him firmly, while the other hand now pulled the jeans the rest of the way down, and began to stroke the firm ass, his fingers teasing, fluttering over Blair's anus, and the moans grew, and Jim took the tip of Blair's cock into his mouth, then more, and more, and Blair tried to move, but that one hand held him strong, and he could only moan louder.

 Finally, Jim's hand released Blair's chest and strong hands gripped the sides of Jim's head and Blair was thrusting in earnest now, as Jim brought him to the edge.....

 Blair's climax was registered with Cal Tech in Pasadena as a 4.3 tremor. The experts at Cal Tech noted that the epicenter was located at a heretofore unknown fault in Cascade, Washington. In spite of it's small measurement, it was felt as far east as Las Vegas, Nevada and in Los Angeles, they were certain it was the "Big One."

 For Jim Ellison, it was a minor blib on the "Send Blair Sandburg to the moon" radar. But he had plans for later.......

 He wiped his mouth and grinned up at the barely conscious man above him.

 "No, Sandburg, I *don't* think you should ask Ben out. Ever. Understand?"


 "In fact, you're dating days are over. Hear me?"


 "Good. Now, I'm going to start this elevator, and when we get inside our loft, I'm going to fuck you into the year 2001. Got that?"

 "mmmmmm. lube."

 "Got plenty. Gonna use it all - tonight. On you."

 Jim reached up and around Blair's dead weight body still slumped over his shoulder and pushed the *up* arrow. With a shudder, the elevator moved and Jim held onto his new sex toy, his own erection getting harder by the minute.


 A sleepy and sated voice could be heard by two women standing *outside* the now stuck elevator.......

 "gee, Jim. I bet you *really* didn't want to hear *that*?"