Finding North

When a woman saves a naked man from jumping off a bridge and killing himself, she starts a whole series of strange coincidences which lead to the 'adventure' of her life.

Travis is a man who thinks that his life is over when his lover dies of AIDS, so he plans to settle all his bills, tidy up all his affairs then kill himself. When Rhonda steps in and 'saves' him, he has to rethink his strategy.

In the meantime, he's received a taped message from his lover asking him to go on this last 'pilgrimage' with him to visit the childhood haunts they always wanted to visit together, but Travis never expected to end up with Rhonda as his traveling companion!


The video case for this is a back shot of a naked man and it gives *entirely* the wrong impression of what the movie is about.

It's a deeply touching story of true love that exists even after the death of a partner and how a man can come to terms with the physical loss but not the emotional one.

We see Travis almost driven to distraction with Rhondas chatty and annoyingly chirpy optimism, but slowly they become friends and we see how her irritating ways have maybe driven him on to do things he would have given up on alone.

Sad, sweet and thought provoking.