Forgive And Forget


Two lads who have been friends for 14years find their relationship strained when one, Theo, finds a girlfriend, Hannah, and moves in with her.

He is unaware that his best friend David is not simply jealous of his new found love, but is in fact in love with him. David is gay but still very much in the closet to everyone.

When David tries to sabotage Theo's relationship, he begins to realise that it's time to come clean about his feelings and his 'guilty secret', but no one could be prepared for *how* David 'comes out'.



This is a really powerful drama made by Scottish television. The two leads are believable and beautifully played by John Simm (Theo) and Steve John Shepherd. (David)

David inner turmoil is so heartbreaking to witness that you really feel for the character, who remains so typically 'macho' throughout, never falling into stereotypical 'gayness' that we often see on TV.

I heartily recommend this little gem!