Get Real (1999)


A 'coming out' movie set in a typical British secondary school.

 I felt that this was a really 'honest' movie, it told a very believable story and the ending convinced me. It was funny and sad and fairly thought provoking.

The characters were likeable and I could really believe that they were feeling what they said they were.

Set in a similar vein to 'Beautiful Thing', I found this movie much more satisfying to watch and the characters much more believable.



 Steven Carter is gay. Fifteen years old, bright, intuitive and gay. He's been hanging around the toilets in the local park, a known 'homosexual meeting place' hoping to meet men.

His lust object is the school athletics star, John Dixon, girl loving, handsome and unattainable.


One day while trying to pick up a man in the toilets, Steven discovers that the 'man' is John and an uneasy 'friendship' begins, with John obviously uncomfortable with his feelings towards other boys.

Eventually the two become friends and then lovers as John learns to accept that he's falling in love with Steven. Still, John cannot accept that the 'outside world' will know he's gay and asks Steven to keep it a secret.


Steven's friend and confidente, Linda, guesses that he has someone and he tells her about John.