I Think I Do

Alexis Arquette

Best friends in college fall out when the gay friend falls for the straight guy. Some years later, they all meet again at a wedding.

By this time, the gay man is a successful script writer on a popular soap opera with a soap star boyfriend and a good life. The straight friend is a teacher...with a secret....



I wish I could really put my finger on why this movie doesn't work for me?

The premise of 'gay boy falls for straight boy who rejects him only to later on face his own latent homosexuality' isn't new nor is it distasteful in any way to me, but some how these characters just don't convince me.

Christian Maelan who plays Brendan the 'straight' guy, never really convinces me that he isn't 'acting'. I don't know if the actor wasn't comfortable in the role or if it was just miscast, but despite being a cute looking man, he doesn't work.

And it's not only that, the script tries too hard to be convoluted and clever and fails on both accounts. It ends up messy and unbelievable.

A movie to watch when it's raining and there's nothing else in at Blockbuster!