The Journey Of Jared Price (2000)

NOTE: Available in NTSC format only.


A young man leaves home to 'discover' himself, ending up in L.A at a hostel for men. His roommate is a hustler and the young guy in a neibouring room is nice but openly gay.

Jared is still confused about his sexuality, he's had a girlfriend back home, but he's becoming more and more interested in men, though he can't face the idea of being 'gay'.

He gets a job as a carer for an elderly blind woman and soon begins an affair with her 30 something son, who gets him drunk and seduces him, only to later admit that he was using him to spice up his lovelife with his longtime boyfriend.

Jared has to make the choice, to stay with the older man who can offer him money and material things or take a chance with the young man who can offer him love.



I really enjoyed this movie, it's nicely acted, the leads are good looking and Jared is played just right as the slightly innocent Southern boy in a big city.

There are some very well done sex scenes which make you sit up and pay attention :)

You know who you're rooting for all through the movie and it doesn't fail to deliver a nice happy ending.

Warm snuggly feelings all around!