Jeffrey (1995)

Steve Webber and Michael T Weiss.

A gay man terrified of catching AIDS and tired of the gay merry go round decides to become celibate. His friends and even parents however, seem to have other ideas. When at the gym one day, however, he meets a tall, dark handsome stranger....



A nice movie based on a stage play of the same name, Jeffrey is both funny and immensely touching at the same time.

Patrick Stewart as the flamboyant Sterling; a vision in pink is unbelievably funny and camp (Oh Captain, my Captain, what have they done to you??<g>) and Michael T Weiss turns in a very sexy performance as love interest Steve, an HIV positive man who just wants to *live* his life, not live his death.

Often overlooked as 'fluffy', I think Jeffrey is seriously underrated and I always enjoy rewatching it.