Stargate SG-1 


Visiting Rites

NC-17 Jack/Daniel

Set during season 6 so contains 'ascended Daniel'.

Daniel visits Jack.

Another Time, Another Place

NC-17 Jack/Daniel

When Daniel stumbles from the  Stargate, he finds himself confronted with a very different 'reality', and a very different Jack O'Neill

Anthro Puppy Blues

PG-13 humour Crossover with The Sentinel   Jack/Jim Ellison

Two big, buff military types are escorted to an anthropologists party, by their cute sidekicks

The Serpent's Tears

 WARNING: This story contains non-consensual sex

(Skaara)Klorel/Jack O'Neill

Captured by the Goa'uld, Jack O'Neill is faced with the heartbreak of being tortured by a young man he loves dearly, possessed by a monster....