Robin(Tim Drake)/Nightwing(Dick Grayson)/Batman(Bruce Wayne)


(Comic book)

Just Passing On By

Bruce Wayne/Dick Grayson NC-17 Romance

A New Beginning?

BruceWayne/Dick Grayson NC-17 Romance

Sequel to 'Just Passing On By'

Twisted Paths 

Bruce Wayne/Dick Grayson PG-13 Romance

 .....And Winding Roads

Bruce Wayne/Dick Grayson PG-13 Romance

Companion story to 'Twisted Paths'.


 Batman/Nightwing PG-13 Humour

Nite After Night After Knight

Written with J.C

Dick/Tad Dick/Bruce NC-17


Dick/Bruce NC-17

Bruce Wayne Is Dead  

Bruce/Dick implied PG


Bruce (Batman)/Arthur (Aquaman) NC-17

Challenge fic 'drabble 200 words'


I'd like to thank my most devoted fan for sending me this hate mail.

It's provided *so* many people with so much amusement:



Sent: Wednesday, September 15, 2004 11:59 PM
Subject: gee hello im a reader at ur site!!!

I HATE YOU. You-you....suck. you are entirely PERVERTED and STUPID and i HATE you!! what kind of sick minded freak are you? DICK and BRUCE..dont even DO that!!! do not even THINK about watering them down to these TOTALLY perverted -- THEY ARE NOT FREAKIN GAY! they have like...the best, purest relationship-father and son- not LOVERS!! YOU ARE SOO STUPID AND ARRRGGG I HATE YOU YOU FREAK!!! how can u DO this??? to water them down to this retarded porn-writing?? u know NOTHING about either of them. YOU JUST SHUT UP ABOUT ALL OF YOUR STUPID CRAP. just because you like...have some unimaginably lustful mind doesnt mean u shoudl write it down into this freakin stuff. GROW UP. I HATE YOU.



Sent: Thursday, September 16, 2004 12:39 AM
Subject: gosh golly!

i didnt know that there were people as perverted as you are. and i wanted to tell you i HATED you again. does this your life?? do u feel HAPPY at the end of the day because you posted something ELSE "new and improved and even more disgusting!"???? does this FUFILL you or something??? yeah, well good for you, but i really bet not. i hate you.


Note to the above:

1) You are aware that sending abusive mail is a violation of your Terms Of Service with AOL, aren't you?

2) If it happens again, I'll report you.

3) Seriously consider taking an English class.