H**ry P**ter

I love HP, I adore the books, and most of this fiction is derived from book canon.

My First ever HP story and it's gen Snape!

The real reason H**ry P**ter lived

The Pact

Follow up to The Pact continuing where it left off

The Pact chapter 2

Rated-G- PG-13

The Pact: The War Begins

(This story moves into the realms of non-explicit slash in Chapter 2. Snape/Regulus Black)

Chapter 1

Chapter 2


My first Sirius/Remus story

Recollections And Reflections

Remus reflects on the story of how it all began.

Rated- Probably R


A bit of silly Harry, Sirius and Remus

Ask Away

Harry asks an interesting question

(based on movie HP, not book)


Time & Again

Sirius and Remus have an awkward conversation.

PG Romantic fluff