The Sentinel

James Ellison/Blair Sandburg

(Is there really *anyone* who doesn't know who these characters are?*g*)



NC-17 Drama. AU

Warning! Possibly disturbing story content

During WW2 James Ellison is sent into Germany to gather information for the allied forces. He finds himself captured and interred in a camp where Jewish workers are ritually abused and killed. He meets a young Jewish man who bears the Star of David and the pink triangle of homosexuality. Can this helpless young victim actually be his saviour?

Written in 1999/2000 but never posted online before.

Where Do Fallen Angels Go? 

NC-17 Drama Jim/Blair Blair/other

Warning! Prostitution theme

Young hustler, Blair Sandburg, unwillingly becomes embroiled in a serial murder. Only Jim Ellison, a cop with a distaste for hustlers, can stand between him, and certain death.

(An old story from approx 1999/2000 which was to be a zine story, unfortunately the zine fell through)

A Twin Dilemma  

NC-17 crossover with One West Waikiki. Jim/Blair Rafe/Mack

Previously published in 'Reflections Of Rafe' by AngelWings Press

An Hawaiian detective, sent to help out in the hunt for a serial killer, causes Jim Ellison a headache, and Rafe a heartache!

In Vino Veritas  

NC-17 J/B. Humour/romance Originally published in the zine 'Angel On My Mind'

A drunken Blair lives to rue the day he let his little 'secret' slip to his partner.

The Coming Of Age

PG-13 humour. J/B

Blair gets hung up on the idea of ageing.

Anthro Puppy Blues  

PG-13  humour crossover with Stargate SG1  Warning: *not* exactly J/B

Two buff military types, and their two cute sidekicks go partying...

The Great Outdoors  

NC-17 humour/romance  Appeared in the zine 'Angel On My Mind 2'

A well planned seduction, disguised as a camping trip, comes up against a few...problems...along the way!

Foul Play 

PG humour

Blair volunteers for a new 'assignment'

Chance Meeting 

NC-17 A.U Romance

A lonely cop 'rents' company for the night, but gets more than he bargains for.

Stranger In A Strange Land

NC-17 A.U Romance


Macho Man?

PG-13 humour snippet

Past Tense

PG-13 Drama Simon/Jim (Jim aged 16)

Take A Chance

NC-17 Drama


NC-17 humour

Dear Diary

PG-13 humour

This Mans Army




PG-13 humour

Elevator Lurv

NC-17 humour/PWP

I Read It In A Magazine

NC-17 humour/PWP

Mirror Image

R Drama/Romance

In The End

written with J.C

NC-17 humour

The Book

PG Drama

A Quiet Night In

R humour


R humour

Dry Clean Only

R humour

Earth Angel

NC-17 Episode based humour


PG humour  Date archived: 05/18/99

All The Way

NC-17 humour  Date archived: 02/20/99

To Be Or Not To Be....

sequel to 'Sleuth'

Date archived: 11/26/98  NC-17 humour 


PG-13 humour  Date archived: 11/27/98

Vow Of Silence

written with Alyjude

NC-17 Missing Scene

Games People Play

PG-13 humour  Date archived: 10/03/98