Kiss Me Guido 1997

Nick Scotti /Anthony Barrile



When Frankie finds his brother Pino making love to his girlfriend, he leaves his typically Italian family home in the Bronx and heads out to find an apartment. On seeing a newspaper ad which states that the apartment occupant is 'GWM', Frankie thinks it means 'Guy With Money' when of course it stands for 'Gay White Male'.

The occupant, Warren, is unimpressed with the idea of sharing his home with a 'Guido', but necessity and boyfriend trouble means that he has little choice.

The two men begin an uneasy relationship, especially after aspiring actor Frankie is offered a part in a new gay arthouse play........



Hmmmm. This is less about a gay relationship than about a gay/straight friendship and how it *can* be possible.

It's fairly unbelievable and we have stereotypes *everywhere*, but at least everyone is stereotyped in this, not just the straight characters or the gay characters!

A part of me insists that I shouldn't have found it as entertaining as I did, but it is funny in places and the leads are nice to look at:)

Another movie for a Winter night when it's cold and wet outside and you want something cheerful!