Love And Death On Long Island




An ageing author (John Hurt) who has closeted himself away for years decides that it's about time he moved into the 20th century. After stumbling into a 'teen flick' at the local cinema he becomes infatuated with a young Hollywood actor (Jason Priestly), even to the point where he takes a holiday in the town where the young man lives on Long Island in the hopes of getting to know him.





Rarely am I squicked by a movie but this one managed to do it. John Hurt plays Giles De'Ath as a creepy 'stalker' type character.

The movie is, I think, supposed to show De'Ath as a sympathetic character who is rediscovering his life through his infatuation with a beautiful young man after being a widower for some years, but instead he's played as a dirty old man and I kept getting the urge to yell 'Call the police!!'

John Hurt is a fine actor who I have loved in most everything else, but this time around he was badly miscast.

A movie that I never want to watch again!


No bones...maybe even a -1