Love And Human Remains


A weird mix of a movie that you suddenly find quite compelling. The first time I watched it through I really wasn't sure about it, but then I wanted to watch it all over again right away to pick up on the stuff I'd missed, so it obviously had something!




Despite what the blurb tells you about serial killers and comedy, this movie is about relationships and how they're never really as clean cut as you'd like them to be.

David is an ex-actor who would rather wait tables than go through auditions, his two best friends Candy; a book editor and Bernie; a civil servant hate each other.

Candy feels unfulfilled because she hasn't found the love of her life (though she knows she has, in the shape of gay David who was once her lover.) So she enters into a couple of complicated relationships first with a guy from her local bar and then with a woman she meets at the gym. Unsure of her sexuality, she decides to 'try' lesbianism but is clearly uncomfortable with the outcome and appears to find more satisfaction with the jerk guy from the bar who is quite clearly dating everything in a skirt.

Meanwhile David is getting a great deal of attention from the 17 yr old who acts as his busboy at the restaurant, Kane. A young man from a very wealthy family who falls head over heels in love with David despite not being sure that he's 'queer'.

Another of Davids friends is psychic fetish domme, Benita, who reads Kane and tells David that the boy loves him. David doesn't believe in love and dismisses the claim as nonsense.

Bernie becomes more and more dissatisfied with his life and clearly resents David 'squandering' his chances as an actor.

Another gay friend of Davids, with whom he's occasionally intimate has also just discovered that he's HIV positive.


As I said, a confusing mix of a movie, with a storyline that plots a serial killer murdering young women and keeping earrings as souvenirs. But I really suggest that people give it a try, it's an awful lot of fun with an attractive cast and a nice open ending!

4 Bones!