Leather Jacket Lovestory



Twink who writes bad poetry meets sexy biker. Hey...Shakespeare this ain't!

When a young man who is in Hollywood looking for fame and fortune as a poet (??) meets a sexy older man he begins an affair. One of the first things he does is that he gets a leather jacket like his new lover and begins to explore the seedier side of life.


One of those movies that is so close to being gay porn you can barely tell the difference:)

Shot entirely in black and white (a stab at art house methinks...guys, it didn't work!) this movie tries to be way more intellectual than it really is.

If you're looking for a bit of shameless sex then this is your movie:)

The older guy is very attractive in a rugged sense of the word, clothed or unclothed, but I find it hard to believe that in Hollywood they couldn't find a prettier young guy to play the twink . The young man is *so* ugly, he quite puts me off and is definitely at his best in the scenes where you can't see his face!

Good points: Lots of nudity and gay sex....... Bad points: ugly guy, no plot and bad poetry.

I save this movie for the days when I'm in the mood for NC-17 PWP fic and shameless smut:)