Lord Of The Rings


Many years ago, as a very young child, I was given a copy of 'The Hobbit', and I fell hopelessly in love with Bilbo Baggins.

When I received 'Lord Of The Rings, I was at first quite horrified that my beloved Bilbo was *not* the hero, but  young upstart hobbit by the name of Frodo.

How *could* they?

I'd even named my new hamster Bilbo, such was my devotion!

With a certain trepidation, I set about reading the new book, determined that I would complain loudly to the author should Bilbo just be 'forgotten' in favour of some young whipper-snapper (yes, he *was* still alive then, and yes, I was *very* young:))

Needless to say...I never sent Tolkien that letter of complaint, and I simply fell in love with Middle Earth all over again.


One of the first things I began to do as I read, was make drawings of the characters and places I could see in my head. (No, don't worry, my six year old scribblings aren't here:) The images were so vivid, and so compelling even then, that I decided I wanted to go live in Rivendell in Summer, and Hobbiton in Winter, and I wanted to be Aragorn!


So you see, this is not a new obsession for me, just a very old one revisited.