Macho Man?

By K9


Location: Loft apartment, 825 Prospect.

Time: 10.30pm


The TV is on, Discovery Channel; Secret's Of The Ancient World, watched avidly by one Blair Sandburg, anthro freak and part time annoyance to James Ellison Cascade P.D police officer.

'What a weird day.' Jim thought as he sat watching Blair sprawl out on the sofa next to him, beer can in hand, eyes glued to the screen.

'That new guy over from traffic on assignment, he's really spoiling for a fight.

Like it's not bad enough sending us someone from traffic, but he has to get all bent out of shape by my partner here.

Now, usually people fall over backwards and go all gooey over Sandburg, he has that effect, hell I know. But not this guy, oh no, he has to get into all the whys and wherefores about why Blair rides with me and what he's doing on PD assignments.

He really got in my face earlier, but what made me stop and stare was when he said the words; 'Is he a fucking fruit? He looks like a girl, acts like a girl, I'm betting he takes it in the ass.'

Other than wanting to remodel his face for him, it made me really look at my partner properly for the first time in a long while.

Take now for example. He's sitting there watching TV. He has no pants on, just his hairy little legs sticking out of a pair of faded blue shorts. He's wearing a torn tee shirt and his chest hair is peeking over the top. Shit, I've seen species of monkey with less body hair!

The guy weighs around 155lbs but he's slim and most of that weight is muscle. He has very muscular shoulders and strong hands, but slim hips and legs.

I admit that he's pleasant on the eyes with that wide smile and those deep-set eyes. Plus he has lips that most woman would die for, but that is not a feminine face.

He has a chiseled jaw to compensate for the high cheekbones and that damned five o'clock shadow is a twenty four hour a day problem, my sensitive skin can attest to that.

But, we're back to the hairiness again.

He's sitting in front of me now idly scratching his crotch, chugging beer from the can and hurling abuse at the presenter of the TV show about 'lost civilizations'. He's rambling on about the indigenous population of the Nile Delta and I'm damned if I know what he's talking about, but hey...that's okay, it's part of what makes him unique.

I sit here and I truly look at him. Yeah, there goes the finger in the nose...

It's easy to overlook faults in the person you love, just see what you want to see. But nothing I see before me is anything but pure masculinity all rolled up a very pleasant package.

"Hey Sandburg?" I whisper.

Like a big old hound, you see his ears prick up, he wants to listen but he's not through yelling at the guy on TV.


"You ready for lights out yet?"

"Mmm, n'a minute, Jim." He waves a hand roughly in my direction before absently scratching his chest.



"I've got the handcuffs waiting on the bedside table." I speak so quietly that he's having to work hard to hear, not blessed as I am with Sentinel hearing, "And I'm already wearing my collar; the leather one with the chain. Now all I need is some studly guy to show me a good time?"

Suddenly, the realization of what I've just said sinks in and he's off the sofa like a greyhound, "Wheee hoo, time to fuck!" He chuckles as he bounds up the stairs. "C'mon Jim, whatcha waiting for?"

You see, yeah, he might 'take it in the ass' sometimes and even dish it out, but that doesn't mean he's not a fairly typical guy.

Doesn't mean he's any less a 'man' than that jerk from traffic. In fact, he's probably a damn sight more of a man than that shit for brains will ever be. Because Blair recognized love when it happened and never questioned it for a moment.

He was a 'straight' guy with an endless string of women who would die to get into his bed and I was a confused old cop with a failed marriage, a string of disastrous heterosexual affairs and a secret life as a gay man that I'd kept hidden from everyone all these years.

Yeah, he gave up a hell of a lot more than I did and just look what I gained.

So as I make my way up the stairs, I begin to seriously think about what that guy said.

'He looks like a girl. Acts like a girl!' and I wonder---just what kind of women that guy dates?


The End