Maurice (1987)





My favourite gay movie, *ever*.

Without a doubt in my mind, the one I reach for when I want to smile and cry and remember how beautifully movies can be made without costing a fortune, without car chases and explosions, with nothing more than wonderful acting and inspiring writing.

Yes, even a Hugh Grant hater such as I cannot fault this cinematic masterpiece, despite his presence.

From the book by E.M Forster, Maurice is the story of a time (the early part of the 20th century) in England when being gay was punishable by imprisonment. Most gay men hid behind marriages of convenience for the sake of their families and careers and often met their gay lovers in secret, surrounded by the fear of discovery and persecution.

If I ever get stranded on a desert island, I want this movie to go with me!




Maurice recognises his feelings towards his university friend, Clive are something more than that of a friend and a quiet affair begins between the two men, lasting in secret even after they leave the university.

However, the atmosphere of the period, the persecution of gay men and the illegality of 'unnatural acts' leads Maurice to seek help for his affliction, especially after Clive marries and begins to move in more political arenas, making any relationship between them even more risky.


While staying with Clive and his wife at their country residence, Maurice meets Alec Scudder, the semi-illiterate gamekeeper and is inexorably drawn to him despite his lowly position.


Bone Rating: 6…hey, it's *my* system, I can abuse it if I wish!



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