The Naked Civil Servant

John Hurt


The Award Winning film autobiography of the English eccentric Quentin Crisp. The film traces Crisp's life from the early 1930's telling of his blatant exhibitionism as an outrageously effeminate homosexual, and how he was treated by his peers, as well as his family and loved ones.

John Hurt's unforgettable performance won him a BAFTA for Best Actor, while Director, Jack Gold, won the Academy's highest commendation, The Desmond Davies Award, for outstanding creative contribution to television.


John Hurt gives an amazing performance in this. Quentin Crisp was never an 'easy' man in RL, and to capture him on screen, was a hefty task for even the most talented actor.  It's a sometimes funny, but often shocking story of how one man's struggle to be 'himself', led to a life of heartache and pain. Despite his delicious sense of humour, I often got the impression that Quentin Crisp was a lonely man, who felt every slight and vicious barb he was ever subjected to.

I suggest that you also read the autobiography that this was adapted from, it's a deeply fascinating read.