Oh Dear

By K9

Benton Fraser pressed his body urgently against his partner, who moaned and dug his fingers into the Mounties back. Lifting the panting figure further up the cold bare wall, causing the naked man to gasp as flesh met stone, Fraser kissed and caressed the slender neck and shoulders, leaving the other man breathless and pleading.

"Oh God, Fraser, more," the small voice gasped.

The smiling Mountie kissed along his lovers jaw and up onto the angled cheekbone as the desperation increased between them.

"You should be... arrested for the.. w..ay you make me.. feel," the other man gasped, the passion in his voice making constructed speech difficult.

"You want to clap me in handcuffs, detective?" Fraser teased.

"Oh, yeah," a short breathless laugh escaped from the prone figure.

"Would this be where you yell 'spread 'em' " Fraser continued.

"S..somethin' like that."

"Or maybe just 'on the floor, hands behind your back'?" the Mountie whispered seductively.

"Oh, God!"

"You could always call for back up to restrain me," he continued. His partner began to slide slowly down the wall, all motor functions in his body inactive, his skeletal system had become jelly and his soul had pooled into a helpless puddle on the floor. "Or maybe you'd like to force a confession out of me?"

"Fraser...you bastard.. *please*?"

"All of this of course, after the strip search."

"Oh," the helpless figure cried out in frustration "G..god, I hate you."

"Maybe you should give me the once over for concealed weapons?" Fraser was now enjoying himself seeing his partner as helpless as a rag doll in his arms.

"For Gods sake, Fraser, I can't take much more."

"Pity, I have so much more to give," Fraser lowered his pleading lover onto the floor, following him down, never breaking contact for a moment. His strong fingers peeling away the last vestiges of clothing and with it, any final shred of defence.

His mate was now totally at his mercy, completely submissive.

Fraser roughly captured his mouth, at the same time spreading his legs wide, moved in to finally mark his territory, claim what had so quickly become *his*.

"You sure you don't want to restrain me with your night-stick, detective?"

The man beneath him whimpered pitifully, "Please, now, *please*."


In their passion, the men failed to hear a click at the door.


"Hey, Benny? Surprise, it's me, I'm back!" Ray Vecchio's voice rang out.

"Oh, Shit!" Kowalski groaned from the floor. "Oh no, no, not *now* no.."

Clear Mountie blue eyes widened in horror.

"Oh dear."


The End