Paper Moons and Broken Dreams



He curled around Nog's body, hands stroking, tongue exploring a sensitive lobe. He felt Nog shudder in delight, gasping with increasingly unsteady breaths. His own breathing was none to steady, either, he realised. And laughed silently. He'd thought he was too old to feel like this any more. But he'd been seduced by a frightened child with a broken wing. Vic arched up as Nog dragged his mouth down the hologram's body and engulfed his raging cock in moist fiery heaven. Not a child. Broken, hurting, yes. But most certainly not a child.

Vic moved his hands down, gently caressing the bare scalp of his lover. He moaned softly as Nog increased his actions, felt the pressure building up to its inevitable conclusion. And suddenly he was there, flying, in a rush sweeter than anything. Better even than the applause of the most appreciative audience. It was exquisite, and he wanted the moment to last forever...


A noise from the other room brought him brutally awake. Awake and alone. He stumbled to the door, opening it on the third try with shaking hand. Nog was scrambling on the floor, picking up fallen ledgers.

'Sorry, Vic, I didn't mean to wake you.'

'No problem, Kid. You look beat. Go on, go get some sleep.'

'Yeah, maybe I will. 'Night, Kid.'

And Vic stood alone in the room. Nog had asked him earlier about his dreams. Not realising that he, himself, had become the main player in Vic's dreams.



Vic stared at Ezri Dax. When had this got so out of control? She was right, of course. Nog couldn't spend the rest of his life in a holosuite. It was ridiculous to even think of it. But he *had* been thinking of it, hadn't he?

The mild urge to help had somehow transformed itself. Nog had turned from a project to a buddy. And then Vic had been pulled into Nog's dream of a new, bigger casino. And Nog, all unknowingly, had been pulled into Vic's own dreams. Not a buddy but a partner. In every sense of the word.

It could happen, Vic knew. Most holograms were, no pun intended, two dimensional beings. And *real* people never stayed here very long, not even Julian. *Real* people had lives. Vic was rather more complicated that most holograms. He was more 'rounded', he had opinions, and hopes, and dreams. If Nog decided to stay here then it would be only natural that he turn to Vic.

Only natural...

Vic laughed self-mockingly. What was natural about this? A Ferengi war hero and a lovesick hologram. It could be part of a stand-up routine!

And what was he thinking? That Nog's family, his friends, would just *let* him stay in the holosuite forever? What an idiot, to think that the two of them could actually build a casino, a fortune, a *life* together. Talk about paper moons and make-believe!

Time to end this. Time to send Nog back to the real world. Time to go back to being just part of a holosuite program.


Time to end the dream...


The End