Pillow Talk

by Alyjude


"God, that was good Chief."

Deadly pause.

"Chief? Jeesh Jim, we have just had incredible sex and you call me Chief?"




"Well said. Great comeback. You really put me in my place. Wow! You know, I'm surprised that when we make love, certain....commands of yours don't slip out." Blair was on his side facing Jim, who was looking thoroughly confused. He snuck a peek at his lover of one week and was a little worried at the almost.... maniacal look Sandburg had on his face.

"Yeah Jim, I can hear you now," Blair leaned back down, closed his eyes and began to moan, "Oh God..Chief, yes, yes more, right there...*stay put*....or how about, "Yes, Yes,"

Blair's head began to move from side to side, "Lower, a little lower...oh god, oh god, Sandburg, call for backup!" Blair erupted into gales of laughter.....

And Jim was at a total loss. He would never call for backup while making love to his partner!

So then, what did Blair want? Romance? Hell, Jim thought he was damn romantic considering making love to a guy was a whole new thing for both men. Ok, Blair was beautiful and God, he did love him, couldn't get enough of him truth be told and so what if it was strange to make love to someone whose beard was heavier than his own? Shit. What did he want? If he wants romance, than James Ellison was just the guy to give it to him.

"Blair, I love you." <Take that.>

Blair was calming down and smiled at Jim's words then moved back into his lover's arms.

"I love you too."

"Yeah, well I * Love * You * More!" Jim's voice was all sugary now.

"No, I love you mor....Shit!" Sandburg rolled out of Jim's arms. Again. And just when Jim was getting all warm and cozy. Jim groaned with the emptiness and asked what was wrong.

"What's wrong?"

"We're doing it."

Jim smiled, "Not at the moment."

Blair stuck out his tongue and shoved some hair back behind his ear, thus effectively turning

his sentinel into jello. "I mean...we're playing love games!"

"So? Isn't that what you want?"

"Jim, we were in the middle of the "I love you more" game, then comes the "I love you this much," Blair spread his arms out, "Game. Come on Jim, we're two, big, strong men...."

"Ahem?" Jim looked pointedly at his diminutive partner.

"Ok, one, big, strong man and one....uh..."

Jim answered for him, "Vertically challenged?" Jim's grin was hidden by the appearance of a down pillow which magically appeared on his face.

"Oh, very funny Ellison. Vertically challenged. Such a wit....I'll have you know, I am of average height."

"Average height for what?" The other pillow joined its brother. Jim giggled. He couldn't help it.

"My God. You just giggled." Blair accused.

"Did not. I * Don't * Giggle. I'm the Sentinel of the Great City and we don't giggle......And I would like to know why one, big, strong man and one vertically challenged, but incredibly beautiful, strong and intelligent man can't play love games?"

Blair looked dutifully impressed, "Oh, you are smooth Ellison."

"Thank you. Now answer the question."

"Oh, you know...newbie couples, all lovey-dovey, getting all cutesy, all....teenagery!"

"Teenagery? Is there such a word, Professor?"

"There is now. And you know exactly what I mean," he waggled a finger at the bigger man,

"Using disgustingly cute petnames, wearing matching outfits, feeding each other in restaurants, you get my drift. Uck!"

Jim sat up, "Wait, we fed each other last night at Peppino's!"

"Yeah, and I hated it!"

"You hated it? Blair, I'm hurt...." Jim pouted.

Blair grabbed the down pillow and hid his face, "Oh man, Sentinels do not pout....cute guides... they pout...." he pillow mumbled.

Jim lowered his head in a pretence of shame, but he was really hiding another grin. "So Blair, let me see if I've got this right...You are saying that one, big strong man and one....", he stopped as Blair lowered the pillow and glared at him...."Uh, two macho man can, under no circumstances, act "teenagery"? Is that what you are saying? Because if it is, I have to tell you, I heartily disagree. And besides, you started this whole thing because I called you Chief in bed."

Jim pulled himself up with great dignity, reached over and plucked the pillow from Blair's lap and stuck it behind his head so he could rest back against the railing. And coincidentally, giving him an excellent view of Blair's "lap". "No, I'm definitely not in agreement here. I am completely secure in my masculinity. I am just as comfortable shooting the bad guys as feeding you delectable tidbits at a restaurant, or putting my hand in the back pocket of your jeans or calling you cute pet names...."

"Like Chief?"

"You're starting to piss me off here...."

"Or Sandburg? No wait. How about, nine-one-one? Or....Stay put? No, no, I've got it...." Blair was bouncing.

"Oh, yeah?" Ellison growled.

Blair leaned over and leered, "Yeah, *Back-up*"

"Chief, are you making fun of me?"

"Oh, sweetie pie, me? Make fun of you? Never. I would never make fun of my cutie pie,

my sweet patootie, my big hot fudge sundae, my eskimo pie......"

Jim had found out a week ago that the best way to shut Sandburg up was to give his mouth something else to chew. Like Ellison's tongue.

It worked. Again. Too bad he couldn't use this technique at work but once the gang saw how successful it was, they would all want to try it...and God, Blair might actually never talk again!

They finally came up for air and Blair realized Jim was talking, "My angel eyes, my luscious lips, my little rug rat, my bubble butt...."

"Bubble butt? Uh, Jim..."

"Blair, you do have the greatest ass in Cascade. Hell, the greatest ass in the Pacific Northwest!"

"My, but you do this "teenagery" thing well, don't you my little stud muffin."

They were both grinning like village idiots.

"So do you my love lump."

That sent Sandburg into new gales of laughter.

"Love lump? Oh God, Jim, the sugar content in this room just entered Diabetic levels."

"Well, excuse me..." Jim was trying to sound indignant, "But love lump is better than stud muffin!"

Blair was laughing hard and now pointing, "But you are a stud muffin and no one has ever accused me of being a lump of anything." Blair was rolling now, getting all tangled up in the sheets, which his eagle-eyed Sentinel immediately noticed and recognized as a very good thing. A couple more "rolls" and his love lump would be effectively imprisoned.

"Ah, Ha! Got you now!" And Jim launched himself onto the helpless Sandburg. As Ellison landed on him, Blair began to wiggle and squirm. Jim hovered over his prisoner and growled, "I've got you now wiggle butt and I'm not letting you go...." This was followed by another low growl. Which, unfortunately, sent Sandburg into another fit of laughter.

"I don't know <Wheeze, laugh> which I <snort> like better <guffaw> a "teenagery" Ellison <loud peel of laughter> or the "Primitive" Ellison <snort, guffaw and wheeze>

The Primitive Ellison raised himself up on his hands and gave his love a look which froze the laughter, stilled the body and quickened the breath. Slowly Jim lowered himself back onto Blair Jacob Sandburg, his love, his soulmate, his guide and captured the beautiful mouth below him. Blair pulled Jim's tongue inside and the kiss deepened and became their world and Jim's right arm curled around the top of Blair's head, his hand buried in the curls and pulling the head back and his left arm began to worm it's way through the tangled sheets until it found skin and then wound itself around Blair's waist.

Jim began to thrust with his hips, short thrusts, pushing Blair's body down, deep into the mattress, than pulling him up with the arm around his waist and his tongue began to mimic the movement of his body and all that Blair could do was accept it all, his arms still imprisoned in the sheet, but, he could move his legs enough to spread his thighs further apart, letting Jim's body settle in and now their cocks were rubbing, the delicious heat travelling from toe tips to heads and still the kiss went on.

Finally Jim pulled away to a groan from Blair, but Jim simply changed locale..He began to drop kisses on each of Blair's eyes, then over to the delightful indentation at each temple, down the side of his face and jaw, back up to an ear, biting the lobe, tugging at the two loops and finally letting his tongue drift into the ear. Blair was now thrusting up and into Jim, hard frantic thrusts, low, soft whimpers. Jim moved back down, to his neck now and suckling there, biting, leaving his mark and his body settled deeper still and Blair's moans grew and Jim could "hear" them through Blair's skin. The groans more insistent now and Jim felt himself going over the edge, this "possession" of Blair sending waves of such intense pleasure through his body that he seriously doubted he would live. Then Blair rasped out his name, "James!" and he quickly brought his mouth back to Blair's, pulled him up and into his body, thrust deeply with his tongue and felt Blair surrender his orgasm in one, long, deep shudder, arched into Jim and Jim screamed Blair's name as he climaxed against Blair.


Much Later:

"Uh, Jim?" Blair's voice was the voice of the oxygen deprived.

"Um?" Jim's voice was that of a happy but dead sentinel.

"Can't breathe."

"God, sorry Blair." Jim slowly rolled off his lover which was absolutely the only move he was capable of at the moment.

"Uh, Jim? I'm stuck here."

"Give me a minute, I don't think I can walk yet."

"No Jim, I'm stuck in the sheets. Trapped. Get me out, please?"

Jim managed to turn on his side, seeing for the first time, just how stuck his lover was and a lazy grin split his face. "Oh, pookie bear, you poor thing...."

"Oh Shit! I'm sorry I ever started that conversation...." his body contorting, "And God Dammit, if you don't get me outta here....Please? Jim?"

"I don't know...I might just leave you there until I get my strength back and then....."

"JIM!' He was thrashing now.

Smiling, Jim leaned over and gently began to unwind Blair from the offending sheet. "There, better now?"

"Yes, thank you. And by the way...that was incredible, I actually believe I had an out of body experience there..."

"Not too.....teenagery?"

"Uh no, Jim, that was....sensual, erotic, x-rated, grown-up, mind blowing, brain mushing, lip numbing, earth shattering, beam me up Scottie, first man on the moon, no one does it better, forgot who I was, need to bronze your tongue, so that is what a mouth is for.......experience."



"Your welcome.....sugar cone."

"Oh. God."