Priest 1994


A young priest (Linus Roache) moves into an inner city Liverpool parish with an older priest (Tom Wilkinson) who, he is disgusted to find, is having an affair with the young housekeeper (Cathy Tyson).

In confession he also finds that a young girl in his parish is being abused by her father, but her refusal to let him tell the authorities means that he must keep it to himself.

He has a secret of his own, he is gay and cruises clubs and pubs for men when the need calls him. One night he meets a man (Robert Carlyle) and they have sex. He is shocked when he bumps into the same man a few days later in his own parish.

When he's caught in a car with his lover and arrested, the truth about his vocation is spread across the newspapers...



One of those movies you will either love or hate, probably depending on your religious upbringing. it is scathing of Catholicism and the Catholic church at times and I'm sure that many Catholics would feel personally attacked by this.

If you can leave your religious beliefs behind, this is an excellent movie. The acting is superb and you feel for all of the men involved as they fight their own fears and desires.

The sex scene is very erotic and it is in stark contrast to the seemingly 'unfeeling' man we see as the priest at first.

Personally I love this film and I'd recommend it without a doubt, but with the warning that you need to address your own belief system before you judge it.