A Quiet Night In

By K9

The loft was dark, the only light was the gentle flicker of firelight. Jim Ellison sat sprawled on the sofa, shirtless and wearing only sweat-pants. In his lap was his partner's head. The rest of said partner was currently stretched out along the sofa, relaxed and almost purring with quiet contentment.

"What a shitty day," Jim yawned.

"Mmmm," Blair replied sleepily.

Jim's fingers wound their way hypnotically through the younger man's hair, gently teasing the curls apart, massaging the scalp and tracing the hairline with soft sweeps of the fingertips."You're not asleep are you?" he asked.

"Not yet, but soon," Blair mumbled.

"I know Baines is guilty, scummy little bastard," Jim pondered, "You think if I threatened to shoot his grandmother he'd confess?"

"I doubt it. But try threatening to have his books audited. I reckon that would work."

"I knew you rode along for a reason, Sandburg."

"I'm the brains man, you're the muscle."

Jim snorted.

"And damn fine muscle it is too, I must add," the younger man grinned.

"Did you hear about Rafe and that bust at the sex shop?" Jim asked.

"No. What happened?"

"Took him forty minutes to arrest the guys and he had a Visa receipt when he came out."

"Oh man, that's cruel," Blair chuckled.

"Yeah, but strangely true," Jim laughed, "You ever get head lice when you were a kid?" he asked suddenly as he rubbed a lock of hair between fingers, reading the texture.

Blair groaned, "Shit Jim! Talk about ruining the mood. No I didn't, why did you?"

"Yeah, one summer I came back from summer camp completely alive, I thought my dad was going to pop an artery," Jim sniggered at the memory," He had Sally tooth-comb my hair until my scalp bled."

"Oh, that explains it," Blair snickered.

"I knew I should never have mentioned to you that I was worried about losing my hair, you little shit."

"Hey, these things happen when guys get old, face it."

Jim 'humphed' "So, will you still love me when I'm old and bald?"

Blair yawned loudly, "Nah, I'll just abandon you at the ageing Sentinel's home and go find me a new studly, young guy."

"What a bastard."

"That's life, Jim."

The quiet and peace of the moment settled in once more.

"Hell, I'm tired." Jim yawned.

"Old guys get tired after sex."

"Fuck you, Sandburg."

"You already did, Jim."

Sliding his hand slowly down his partner's chest, Jim slipped his finger gently under the younger man's waistband.

"Don't bother, he's resting," Blair wriggled and pushed the hand away.

"Now who's 'tired'?" Jim smirked.

"Yeah, well he *was* abused tonight. Shit, I thought you'd pulled the damn thing off at one point."

"So that's what that girly scream was?" the older man asked.

"I do *not* have a girly scream, okay?" Blair grumbled, "My dick happens to be a very delicate piece of machinery, not a fucking sink plunger!"

"Sounded pretty girly to me, Chief," Jim taunted, "Gonna have to work on that for when you clear the academy next month."

"It's okay, I already took the 'how to fart the national anthem' class and the 'raw meat eating for rookie cops' lecture. I think I'm ready. Not to mention the fact that only *your* partner would need to know how to 'macho scream'."

"You saying that *I* am the cause of your feminine shrieking?"

"You damn well were tonight. How about I swing on *your* dick for a change, see how impressed you get?"

"Wuss." Jim tugged on the curl lightly.

"Neanderthal," Blair replied.

"Did you know that Joel's writing a book?" Jim asked suddenly.


"How come he already told you, I only found out today?"

"He likes me," Blair stated, shuffling to get even more comfortable, if that were possible.

"You saying that he doesn't like me?" Jim replied huffily.

"No, I'm just stating the fact that he likes *me*. He asked me to help him, if he had problems."

"A real 'teacher's pet', huh Sandburg?"

"No, I'm just nice, Jim."


"You saying I'm not 'nice', Ellison?" the younger man growled.

"You're a pushy little bastard," Jim replied, "And manipulative."

"Am not!"

"You manipulate me all the time."

"Aw shit, Jim. You don't count."

"And you smirk. I hate people who smirk."

Blair sighed heavily, "Why exactly do you live with me, Jim?" he asked.

The older man took a moment to think, "You're good in bed," he decided finally.

"Oh" Blair exclaimed, his whole body language suddenly screamed 'smug'. "Right."

"Well, when I say 'good', I'm talking not 'bad'."

"Quit while you're ahead, Jim."


Pulling his fingers from the younger mans hair, Jim stretched, lacing his hands behind his head, flexing his tired muscles.

"Jim? You know that I can now legally carry a gun, right?" Blair said.

"Sure, Chief."

"If those fingers aren't back on my scalp in thirty seconds, I shoot you."

"See, that's my point... pushy and demanding. Always 'me'," Jim sighed theatrically.

"Says the guy who's just spent half the evening up my ass," Blair yawned.

"Yeah," Jim grinned, "Nice place you have there, Sandburg."

"Gee thanks, I thought of opening it to the public."

"That's okay, but if you charge for admission, I'll have to arrest you."

Blair began to laugh, slapping his partners' knee before turning on his side, his face suddenly buried in sweat-pant and crotch. "Oh look, little Jim's waking up," he sniggered, "And he's pointing in my direction."

"He's homing."

"You mean like racing birds? With a kind of sixth sense?"


"Aw, that's nice," Blair cooed, "Hey little guy, come to papa."

"Don't use that word, you'll give him a complex."

"What word?"


Blair sniggered and ran his fingers lightly over the encased bulge, "I think he wants to come out and play," he smiled, nibbling on the surrounding fabric.

Sucking in a breath Jim groaned, "I told him that we have work tomorrow, but does he listen?"

Blair was by now face down on his partners' lap, teasing and encouraging the hardening flesh, playing with tightening balls.

Jim slid his hand though Blair's hair, his fingers gripping as the new rush of sensation assaulted him.

"Hey, man. Watch the follicles!" Blair protested, "No need to be jealous," he teased.

"Bastard," Jim grunted.

"Be nice, or I'll take my ball and go home," the younger man laughed and slowly he began to peel away the sweat-pants until a very urgent erection sprang free. "Whoa, you almost had my eye out with that thing!"

"Uh, Sandburg, get to it.." Jim moaned.

"Did I mention..." Blair whispered as he licked gently along the length of Jim's cock, "That I've been having these jaw problems?" he kissed the head lightly before running his tongue across the tip, "I'm fine then.." he swept his hot tongue around the head, already tasting pre-ejaculate, "*snap*!" Blair said loudly, causing Jim to jump in his seat, "It kinda snaps shut," the younger man sniggered.

"I swear I'll whip your ass one of these days, " Jim gasped, "Uh...Blair!"

"Hummmmm, you're gonna whip my ass huh?"


"You gonna use the handcuffs too?"


"Okay you smooth talking old devil, you persuaded me," Blair grinned and swallowed the weeping erection, sucking and pulling, until Jim shuddered with pleasure, his hips jerking, trying to force himself deeper, At last he strangled out his lovers name as he spilled into Blair's mouth.

"Christ, Sandburg, you're going to be the death of me," Jim panted as Blair slid back onto his lap.

"What a way to go though, huh old man?" the younger man teased, "What? I don't even get a kiss for that?"

"No way, I know where those lips have been."

"Yeah, around *your* dick."

"I know where *that's* been too," Jim smirked, he slid his hand down to his partners groin, "You not playing?"

"No, he's conserving his energy."

"What for?"

"For when you 'whip my ass'" Blair teased.

"You gonna scream when I do?"


"Will it be girly?" Jim asked.

"Quite likely, yes. Is that a problem for you?"


"We going to bed now?" Blair yawned.

"Yeah okay."

"How about you carry me up those stairs?"

"How about you sleep on the sofa?"

"And they say chivalry is dead." Blair pouted, forcing himself to sit up, before dropping back into Jim's arms.


"Yeah Jim?"

"I love you."

"I know, man. Ditto."


The End