Regular Guys (Echte Kerle)


A German film with English subtitles about a cop, Christophe, who gets thrown out by his girlfriend and to drown his sorrows he ends up getting blind drunk in a bar with a guy he's never met before. When he wakes up next morning, he finds himself in bed with the man, Edgar, and isn't sure if anything happened or not?

When Chris can't find another place to live, he ends up rooming with Edgar for a while and they develop a friendship. Edgar has fallen in love with Chris despite *knowing* that he's straight, but Chris can't reciprocate the feelings, even though he does *have* feelings for Edgar, just not the right ones.



I just love this movie. Even though strictly speaking it's not a 'gay movie', it explores the relationship between a straight man and a gay man and how complicated it can become when they become close friends. It's also funny and sweet and just screams for a follow up to be written as fanfic<g>