Title: Restrained Sex

Author/pseudonym: alyjude

Email address: alyjude@webtv.net

Rating: NC-17

Pairings: J/B

Status: Complete

Date: 30/11/00

Category: Plot What Plot

Summary: handcuffs, silk ties, trust and a gorgeous ass

Warnings: b&d, m/m

Disclaimer: This story was originally posted as part of the Thanksgiving Special of The Sentinel Slash Virtual Season (SVS), but is not considered part of the SVS canon.

SVS website: http://www.squidge.org/5senses/

SVS email address: FiveSenses@egroups.com

This story is based on characters and concepts developed by Pet Fly Productions, and is intended for private personal enjoyment only. No money is being made from the writing and distribution of this story.

Note on Safe Sex: This story depicts the characters engaging in sexual acts without employing condoms and other protective measures needed for safe and healthy sexual intercourse. This is fantasy-in real life, safe sex is always important.

Thanks to Christi and WoD for the beta!

Author's Notes: for a friend in need


Restrained Sex

by alyjude


"Are you watching my ass?"


"Yes, you are. Have you noticed you seem to be inordinately fond of my ass?

"Inordinately? No, I don't think inordinately."

"Yes, most definitely."

"Well, don't you like my ass?"

"Yes, but I like all your other body parts too."

"Well, thank you. Still, damn fine ass you have Sandburg."



Twenty minutes later:

"Chief, you're asleep."

"No, I'm not. I'm watching West Wing."

"Blair, you're sleeping."

"No, I'm watching with my eyes closed."

"Interesting picture, I'm sure."

"Rob Lowe looks damn fine. Now there is one great ass."

"Not as good as yours."

A finger starts rubbing Sandburg's ass.

"Chief? Are you aware that you have a rather strategically placed hole in your sweatpants?"

"Well, I know I have a hole and considering how it got there, I'm sure it's quite strategic."

"Oh? And how did it get there?"



"Yes, you. You chewed your way through it two weeks ago."

"I'd think I'd remember something like that."

"You're a sentinel. Don't you recognize your own teeth marks?"

"Now I know I've left teeth marks on your ass, but your sweatpants? In fact,"-a finger enters the hole and strokes the soft, satiny skin -- "in fact, I believe I left a rather nice set just a couple of nights ago."

"mmm, yes, I remember. Quite-distinctive."

"Uh, huh." The finger moves deeper through the hole, stretching it.

"Jim? You're making the hole bigger. Why are you making the hole bigger?"

"I'm not, and hang on a minute."

"Hang on? It's the assassination episode of West Wing, you're making an existing hole in my sweats bigger and now you want... uh, Jim? What are you..."

Jim flipped his lovebug onto his stomach on the bed and before Blair Sandburg could say rimming, he had him handcuffed to the rail.

"I'm-handcuffed. You handcuffed me!"

"You should be a detective, Sandburg. And remember turn about is fair play? Who was handcuffed last time?"

Blair rattled the rail and whined, "Jiiim! Come on man, this isn't the same thing. It was a trust issue, remember? And it was your idea!"

"uh, Jim? You're chewing that hole again, making it bigger again... uh, oh, that's why? oh, god, um, is that, are you... HOLY SHIT! bigger, for your mouth? I've never, no one has ever, dear god..."

The wonderful sensation left and he moaned until hands lifted him slightly and pulled a pillow out from under him to slip it under his stomach.

God, then that tugging again - on his sweatpants, and he could feel the wetness of Jim's mouth and Blair's fingers gripped the rail hard.

Jim lifted his head a moment, just to see Blair and he looked-good, but the picture wasn't quite right. Trust was a two way street, right?

Blair felt another tug, this time on his undershirt and he heard the material ripping before he felt the air hit his bare back.

"Jim? Uh, Jim? What? I mean, this could be hot, but could you say something?

Oh... um... you... MY PANTS!"

A moment later, Blair was completely naked with only the tattered remnant of his shirt hanging from his shackled wrists.

The bed creaked and dipped as Jim knelt beside Blair. Bending over, his hands on either side of Blair's body, Jim brought his mouth to the younger man's ear.

"It's all about trust, isn't it? I trust you with everything, Blair.

My life, my soul, my heart and my world. But I have to earn your trust.

Will you let me do this?"

Blair's eyes blinked, then blinked again. The puils contracted and Jim could see all Blair's thoughts mirrored up at him. The blue shifted, darkened and the depths revealed shades of blue that an artist could only hint at. Slowly, Blair nodded.

"Say it Blair. Say you'll let me do this."

Sandburg gulped and Jim watched his neck, followed the muscles as Blair swallowed and he waited, his breath held in suspense.

"do it."

Jim gave a satisfied sigh. He stroked down the bare back and whispered, "never hurt you, never again, blair. love you."

The responsive body below him shook and the murky blue depths were lost to him as Blair's eyes closed.

Jim settled back to enjoy. Enjoy giving. He had unlimited access to the body that was the man and thus to the man that was represented by the body.

He took his fill of Blair Sandburg, noted the trembling muscles and clenching fingers, but still-something was missing. Giving that pale body one more lusty glance, he climbed from the bed and went to the closet. He took two silk ties, started to return to the bed, then decided on a third, and finally a fourth and a fifth.

He set the ties on the bed next to Blair's stocky legs, stripped himself down to nothing and was about to lift one leg when Blair twisted his body trying to see what Jim was doing. His curiousity was plain, lips begging to ask, but he didn't.

Jim abandoned the leg momentarily and crawled up to Blair. Throwing a leg over the body, he straddlled Sandburg, lifted the beautiful head with one hand, fingers buried in curls and with the other hand, he picked up a tie and held it in front of Blair's eyes, then gently and mindful of Blair's hair, Jim gagged him.

As fingers finalized the knot, Jim felt the sudden heat as it rose from Sandburg's body and glancing down, he caught the surprise in the dark eyes and the - lust.

Blair's breath began to come in hot, heated pants and small sounds issued from behind the gag, but Jim just smiled. As he picked up another tie, he dropped a kiss on the sweaty temple.

Jim slid a hand under the writhing body and began to work one nipple.

The body stiffened and the sounds pleasure increased tenfold.

Leaving the hard nub for the moment, Jim moved down the bed and noted with satisfaction that the body was now trembling, sweat coating the naked back. He watched the glistening drops move down Blair's spine to pool in the sweet indentation at the bottom of his lower back. God how he wanted to taste that...

Blair gave a small jerk, one leg reflexively kicking up.

O-kay, taste sweat, yes, but first - Blair's legs.

Jim lifted the other two ties, grasped one ankle, took a moment to admire the view, then lifted. The body stilled as the head tilted.

With a gentleness that belied his eagerness, Jim tied one end of the silk tie to the ankle and enjoyed the tremors that ran up and down the leg. He took another tie and with a quick knot, joined the two.

The restraint was now long enough to successfully reach the leg of the bed. Jim did just that.

The muffled, "ohshit" brought a smile to his face. He quickly retrieved the other two ties and repeated the process.

Stepping back, he realized that it wasn't - quite right. He'd need Sandburg's cuffs. Swatting the beautiful, sweaty ass, he ran downstairs, grabbed up his partner's cuffs, then back. He undid Blair's wrists, spread out the arms, not easy since Blair was trying to talk with his hands, and cuffed him again.

Now Blair was truly spread-eagled and at Jim's mercy. And that ass...round, pale, smooth, clenched in anticpation and it was all fucking his.

Blair's head was lifted slightly and cocked to one side as he tried to hear Jim, tried to figure his next move.

Jim grinned - because he didn't exist anymore.

Trust can free a man, and absolute trust - frees absolutely.

The only thing in the bedroom with Blair Sandburg was a jaguar. A very hot, horny and hungry jaguar.

He crawled languidly onto the bed to lie beside his victim. One finger reached out and flipped a bit of hair from Blair's face, then he leaned in and kissed the pug nose. Then the square chin. A hand drifted up one bound arm, exalted in the tremors he felt course through the stretched limb, and as he kissed the inside of Blair's upper arm more sounds came out from behind the gag.

Jim had been clever enough to place the gag between Blair's lips, so now he nibbled on the soft, plump tissue gripping the silk. As his teeth pulled at the lip, nipping and licking, as his tongue wormed its way around the gag to tease, as Blair's breath was almost stifled by the invasion of Jim's tongue, Jim's right hand undid the tie that blindfolded his love. He wanted Blair to watch him now. He wanted to see those pools of now midnight blue change to coal black, he wanted to see them shut in passion, wanted to see the tears of frustration, of ecstasy.

Blair blinked rapidly and shook his head, trying to clear it of the picture of the man whose face was so close to his. This was Jim-but not.

This was a primal Jim, the eyes black with desire, with possession. Blair's breath caught in his throat at the expression on Jim's face and he felt the heat start to build. No one had ever wanted him this much, had ever done...

...Jim kissed his eyelid. Blair thought he'd pass out.

Both men were incredibly hard, but for Jim, it hardly mattered. He could wait, could hold. Because this whole body was his, to do with as he pleased. As much as he pleased. And the body was willing and trusting and loved him more than anything or anyone else in the world. He kissed fingers, sucked them into his mouth, let his teeth graze across the skin, then suckled on the tender tissue at the wrist, then down to the armpit, where he nuzzled for a few seconds, reveling in the sweet scent of arousal, of excitement, of the barest amount of fear, fear of the unknown rather than fear of the man.

He spent time with Blair's neck, biting soft, then hard, sucking deeply, tasting every bit of the man. Tasting all that he was through his skin. He buried his face behind Blair's ear, nosing the hair away, then moving to the back. He lifted the hair to reveal the naked nape and his eyes shone.

Blair felt the tongue rasp across the back of his neck, felt the sounds of Jim's satisfaction against his skin. His cock, already rock hard and aching, jumped. He moaned into the gag, moaned deep. His fingers fisted, then wrapped themselves around the links of the cuffs as he buried his face in the pillow, his moans continuous now.

He was going to come, he knew it. And Jim hadn't even left the top half of his body...

Sensing his captive's impending needs, Jim fumbled with the nightstand drawer and pulled out the leather cockring Blair had given him on the anniversary of their first month together. He slipped his hand under the rigid body, grabbed Blair's balls and gave a stiff tug. The body jerked up and Blair's cock lost some of its hardness. Jim slipped the ring on and heard the wrenched scream of "no!" from the gag.

He let his fingers caress the very balls he'd just pulled and the body trembled, Blair's eyes rolling back in his head.

There was nothing Blair could do now, he was a prisoner in every way, even his cock at Jim's mercy. He sighed in ecstasy.

Jim swung one leg over the body so that he was now spread out over Blair.

He stretched out his arms over Blair's, his fingers gripping the wrists. He let his rock hard cock tease that delicious ass, letting his hips dip his cock up and down and was pleased to see the body below trying to thrust up, to somehow bury Jim's cock in his ass. But no, not quite yet.

He slid down until his mouth was poised over the delicious dip of Blair's spine. He lapped up the sweat he'd coveted earlier, then let his tongue lick up over the swelling buttocks, down the right cheek, then the left, then finally into the crease.

The body was bucking hard now, the restrained legs jerking against the bindings. He dug in.

And was nearly bucked from the body and the bed, but he held on, dipped his tongue in, opened his sense of hearing, smiled against the soft, silky skin as the moans escalated. His hand moved under Blair, came to rest on the hard, straining cock, fingers round the ring... as his tongue dipped in further, in-out-in-out...

The body writhed now, straining, the sweat coming in rivulets down the stretched ass. The head was shaking from side to side, moans endless. One final thrust, timed with the removal of the cock ring and Blair came, humping up, the orgasm eternal.

Jim barely allowed Blair to rest before impaling himself deep inside the completely open and boneless body. He brought the hips up enough and began to stroke in and out, over and over again, no longer in a bedroom, but a steaming jungle, claiming that which was his, while being claimed in return. The body welcomed him, enclosed around him, spasming around his cock.

He lowered the upper part of his body and as his own orgasm built, he found that soft, sweet juncture between neck and shoulder and as his orgasm ripped from him, he bit down. The muffled scream fed him, the upward thrust of the body and the final clenching around his cock completing him.



Shaking hands undid the ankles, kissing as he freed them, then the wrists and finally-the gag.

He dropped onto his back, bringing the body with him, settling Blair on top of him. He buried his fingers in the damp hair, inhaled the fragrance of their sex and whispered, "thank you."

The head shifted, tried to lift, but failed. With a sigh, Blair dropped his head back down on the chest and rasped out, "my pleasure. and i think you still have this thing for my ass."

"oh yeah."

The wolf and the jaguar slept.



### The End ###