Stargate SG1



I cannot tell a lie, Jack O'Neill is my god:)

All pieces here are coloured pencil on heavyweight paper








So, what is Daniel thinking?








'Old Friends'

Inspired by the Simon & Garfunkel song 'Bookends'

Probably my favourite SG pic that I've ever done. For me it tells the story I wanted to tell








I always liked and admired Sam Carter, I just hated what the writers did with her sometimes!

When she was good, she was the ambassador for strong women everywhere.








Boo! Hiss!













Ah, I always had a seriously soft spot for Martouf







A Christmas greeting from Jack and Daniel!

An early attempt at Jack


Here We Go Again!

Daniel's on a mission








Stargate Atlantis




Rodney McKay & Colonel John Sheppard

Just a bit of McShep silliness



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