Show and Tell

by alyjude


Jim Ellison was sitting in the livingroom, wondering how to confess his latest "repression" to his partner, when Blair breezed in, slung his jacket over the hook by the door, dropped his keys into the "keep

Sandburg's keys where he can find them" basket, opened up the fridge, hauled out a bottle of some exotic fruit juice, plopped over the back of the couch, to land next to Jim and said, "Ellison, we've gotta talk. Now."

The detective decided that picking up his jaw from the floor where he'd dropped it was a good thing, if indeed they were going to talk. But he doubted they would. Talk, that is. He'd never talked in any

Blair-discussion that he'd ever been a part of......listen, definitely, talk? Never.

"So Sandburg, how was your day?"

Blair was in the process of taking a huge swig of his myrobalan, quava, kiwi and rambutan juice when Jim spoke, so the liquid went spewing. Which would have been okay, but when Jim first spoke, Blair turned his head.

Toward Jim. So Jim got *spewed*.

Both men froze. Blair, with his hand gripping the bottle, half-way down from his mouth, eyes wide in shock, and Jim, his mouth hanging open, face dripping.

Blair recovered first. He shut his mouth, reached over and carefully set the bottle down on the coffee table, then scooted closer to Ellison.

He searched the still shocked and dripping face, scratched the side of his head, scooted closer and took a deep breath.

"So, maybe I've overrated this whole *talking* thing. Given the skill of oral communication too much power. You're an action kind of guy....probably liked the "show" part of "show and tell" when you were a kid...I can *do* show."

And Blair Sandburg started to "show" Jim Ellison exactly what he'd wanted them to talk about.

He began by cleaning up Jim's face. With his tongue.

Droplets of the sweet and tangy liquid had made their way down Jim's neck, at the point where his shirt collar lay open, so that's where Sandburg started. Of course, he had to get on his knees and straddle the taller man, but Jim didn't seem to be protesting, in fact, other than shifting slightly to give Sandburg better access, he'd hardly moved at all.

Blair started on the right side of Jim's wet and sticky neck, using long, slow swipes to take up the juice. When he was sure the right side was "clean", he naturally moved to the left, pausing long enough to note that Jim was still not "protesting", in fact, the man's breathing had become quite labored, and there was *no* blue left in his eyes.....yeah,

Jim was definitely a "show" kinda guy.

So Sandburg let his tongue start on the very sexy, very square, but not as "straight" as he'd always thought, jaw. As he was working up and down one cheek, Jim finally moved. Hands gripped Sandburg's hips and squeezed, then Jim spoke.

"I should tell you, you missed a spot, that's good......this repression problem, ummm yeah.....I've been dealing with...."

Jim's hands pulled Sandburg's shirt out of his jeans and they started some roaming of thier own, with Jim never taking his eyes from the face he knew almost as well as his own.....saw the raised eyebrow and as the magical tongue started on the left side of his face, he continued.

"It seems I had some very, well, less than.....oh, you like that? ummmm, yes you do......anyway, when we first met? oooh, you *really* liked that.....mmmmm, oh, god.....there's juice in my *ear*? yes, yes...there is, don't miss know, when I pushed you up against the wall? Well, I....."

Sandburg's hand drifted down to Jim's crotch and gave his very hard....hard-on, a squeeze....

"Ummm, yes, exactly. You - up against the wall, and me.....with a raging...."

Sandburg squeezed again, then gave Jim's left ear another swirl, which caused the bulge he'd been squeezing to jump and Jim's hips to follow.

"Exactly. And the truck? *Under* the truck?.....oh, there's juice in my other ear too? Yes, well, undoubtedly.......the truck....."

One of Ellison's hands now travelled down Sandburg's his backside, and *he* squeezed, which came at a very opportune moment as Sandburg's tongue had just flicked into his right ear and the squeeze gave the tongue impetus to plunge into the ear......

"As I was feeeelings, were, well, I guess, oh god, oh dear god....", and his body jumped and hips thrust with the tongue in his ear.....

Sandburg was now licking his eyelids, only really he was kissing them....kissing each eye, so gently, with so much love.....

"So I repressed those feelings, you know, for the good of the partnership?....but well, you keep telling me.....oh, god sandburg....."

Who was now, finally licking Jim's lips - *and* grinding his "bulge" against Jim's.

"'s unhealthy to i'd decided i didn't want to have a heart.....ummm, good, attack at forty feel so fucking good....from too much.....shit, if you don't stick that tongue in where it belongs.....repression, umph...."

Sandburg, who almost *never* did what his partner instructed him to do, decided now would be a good time to do *exactly* what his partner instructed. So he put his tongue right where his partner told him to......where it belonged.

Arms wrapped around him, as did very long legs and Blair found himself completely captured. So he did what every good partner does in a hostage situation - he grabbed Ellison's head between both hands and deepened the kiss, allowing the speed and thrusts of his tongue to match the speed and thrusts of the body below him, their "bulges" rubbing and humping.

Finally, he "felt" Jim's orgasmic scream in his mouth and as Jim's final, hard thrust up into his body connected with his straining, trapped cock, he moaned Jim's name right back into Jim's mouth.

A long, final shudder ran through both men and Blair pulled away, ending the kiss. He dropped his head down to a place that would soon become his favorite - Jim's neck - sighed, then let his arms drop.

Jim lowered his head to what would soon become *his* favorite spot, buried in Blairhair, and breathed in deeply, tightened his hold and.....

"So I decided to tell you tonight, but you beat me to it...and Chief? You're *real* good at this "show" fact, Jeopardy is out and "show" is in...."

Sandburg, who'd decided that maybe Jim was a better talker than heretofore believed, and that maybe *he* was the action part of the team, just grunted into Jim's neck. But the sentinel could "feel" the smile spreading across his partner's face so he buried *his* deeper into Blairhair, grinned and grunted right back at him and decided that God, he really did love this partnership.