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Robin Of Sherwood

Herne's Son

Owning The Wolf

NC-17 Guy of Gisburne/Robert de Rainault

Picking Up The Pieces

Will Scarlet/Robin (Robert of Huntingdon)

Pawns And Players

Robin Of Sherwood/Dark Rising xover

Seasons Change

Will Scarlet/Robert Of Huntingdon



Buffy The Vampire Slayer

An Alternative Reality: Sex, Magic and Betrayal

A.U. NC-17 Jenny Calender/Willow WARNING: Death Story

An Alternative Reality: Trying To Make Things Right

A.U. PG-13 Jenny/Willow

An Alternate Reality: In the Pale Moonlight

A.U R Spike/Ethan

An Alternative Reality: A Fairly Simple Seduction, part 1

A.U. R. Giles/Oz, Jenny/Willow Sequel to 'In The Pale Moonlight'



Chess: The Musical

Only Borders

Every Second We Have

Looking Back

The Professionals


Brothers At Arms

Miscellaneous Fandoms

Why Not? The Sentinel

Hunter Prey fandom: Not telling!

Fox And The Rabbit XF crossover

A Shaggy Hammock Story Cartoon

Happy Birthday, Mike Ultraviolet

Loving You Due South

Possessed Forever Knight/Due South

Facing The Truth: FK/DS Sequel toPossessed

Aftermath Bugs

True Love Hercules: TLJ by K9 & Sigrina

A Twisted Tale surprise

Rat Dreams another guess!

Paper Moons and Broken Dreams S.T. D.S.9

Coming Home Kung Fu:TLC Kermit/Peter implied

Night Thoughts Quantum Leap

Wishing For The Moon Babylon 5

Zack Allen/Garibaldi implied

The Morning After Drop The Dead Donkey


Like A Man Pygmalion


Comic Relief




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