Stranger In A Strange Land

By K9



Shifting irritably from foot to foot, Jim Ellison looked at this watch; thirty-five minutes he'd been standing in this line. He looked around but saw none of the other guys, they must have caught the earlier train.

This was not his idea of fun, standing here in this tropical heat, flies buzzing around his head, waiting to get a ticket for a train which was destined to be full to overflowing, so he'd end up standing all the way back to Rangoon.

He'd been in the Rangers for three months and managed to make a complete fool of himself a total of five times already; he must be trying for the record this time.

No way was he going to tell them that he'd fallen asleep in a whorehouse the night before while the rest of the team were having their fun. Only to be woken up this morning, when the young lady threw him out, late, cursing and swearing at him for taking up her bed for the entire night.

His head had been splitting last night from one of those weird attacks he got, where he experienced loud noises and bright lights in his head. As soon as he'd hit the bed he'd succumbed to sleep, not even remembering that there was a woman in the room let alone having sex with her.

Suddenly Jim was shaken from him musing by the presence of a body sliding into the line in front of him.


The young man looked up with a shocked expression, "Oh hey, man...sorry. You don't mind do you? Only, I have to get to Rangoon, and this line goes way back. If I don't get there by tomorrow, I'm stranded here for another month and that's like...not an option. A guy has to eat, you know? And I'll tell ya, another week here and I am worm food!"

Jim glowered.

"Blair," the young man said suddenly with a wide smile, "Blair Sandburg. You're an American, right? I recognized the uniform. Always liked a guy in uniform!" he bobbed his eyebrows suggestively, the action took Jim unawares. "So, which part of the U.S you from?"

"Do you ever shut up?" Jim asked.

The words didn't phase Blair for a moment, "Not often no. It's usually harder for people to hit you or tell you you're about to die when you're talking. I studied breathing techniques so that I don't have to take deep breaths between sentences."

Grabbing the youth, Jim clapped his hand across his mouth, "You can stay in the line if you shut up!" he growled.

Blair threw open an even wider smile, "Thanks, man. I appreciate it. You never did tell me your name?"

"No I didn't."

"Oooh, the 'strong silent type', huh? That's okay, I'm cool with that. Gives a good looking guy like you an air of mystery, huh?"

"Kid, are you coming on to me?" Jim gasped with disbelief at what he was witnessing.

"Hey, less of the 'kid' if you don't mind, I'm nineteen!" the young man pouted, slightly annoyed at the soldiers attitude.

"You look fifteen!"

"You want to see my ID? I'm at Rainier University in Cascade, I swear!"

"So what you doing in this shit hole?"

"Studying. I'm an anthropologist and there have been some very interesting finds just outside of town, an ancient settlement.."

"Okay, okay, I get the idea," Jim nodded and wished he'd never started the kid off again.

"You not even going tell me your name?" Blair asked.

Glancing down at the teenager, Jim sighed. It wasn't the kids fault he'd screwed up and missed the previous train or that he'd been standing in this line for what felt like a century or that he was hot, thirsty and pissed-off.

"Jim, Jim Ellison."

"Jim? That's nice, it suits you. Kinda macho but sophisticated!"

"Kid, you should be careful who you flirt with in a foreign country, by yourself, with no one to back you up if you get in trouble."

Blair looked slightly puzzled, "Why Jim, you're not going to hurt me, are you?"

"No, but..."

"So what's the problem? Look if it's just a case of you're not into guys, then no problem...I can process that. Shame though, considering we have a long train ride ahead together."

The usually shock-proof Jim Ellison gaped at the young man in stunned disbelief.

"What?" Blair grinned.

He had such an innocent face too, Jim thought with a shake of the head. That pretty face and those dazzling blue eyes must get him out of a hell of a lot of sticky situations.

"You do this all the time?" Jim gestured between himself and Blair.

"Travel? Yeah, all the time, my mom has a serious case of wanderlust.."

"No, come on to strange men in far away places."

"Oh I don't know, you're not so 'strange', Jim," Blair looked up from beneath lowered lashes seductively.

"Jeezus H Christ, do you know how old I am?"

"No, about twenty five?"

"I'm almost thirty. I'm an Army Ranger who could snap your neck with one hand!"

"Oh man, we really need to work on your technique here. Telling a prospective lover that you could murder them with one hand kinda dampens the ardor a little, but it is good for the macho image."

"Does anything slow you down?"

Thinking for a moment Blair decided, "Anchovies. Even when I am starved and I see anchovies on a pizza, I stop right there and pick those little devils right out."

Jim's face cracked into a smile and he shook his head, "Why me?" he muttered as Blair continued his anti-anchovy speech.

"See, I made you smile," the young man said at last, "Man, you have a beautiful smile, but I'm betting you don't use it too often, huh?"

"Only when I'm faced with insane people," Jim replied more softly. "Hey, the line's moving at last."

"Great! So Jim, you didn't give away any clues there?"


"During my subtle but probing questions about if you're into guys." Those blue eyes turned up in Jim's direction and he melted.

"No I didn't did I?"

"Oh man, there is such a thing as being too enigmatic, you know?"

Now they were pleading.

Hoisting his backpack onto his shoulder, Jim watched the line moving slowly forward, "Hey kid? If you can get us both a seat on that train....I'll answer your question."




The kid was like a track dog, give him an objective and he was gone. He'd grabbed his ticket and bolted for the train like lightening.

By the time Jim made it onto the carriage, the sweat dripping from his face as he heaved the heavy pack aboard, Blair was already out of sight.

Sighing with an amazing amount of disappointment, Jim prepared to stand all the way back to Rangoon until a small boy tugged on his pants and handed him a note:

Sleeper 14 hurry, I need some muscle here before I lose his thing!


Puzzled, Jim pushed his way through the crowded carriage until he came to the sleeper compartments.

Struggling down the narrow corridor he suddenly heard angry voices.

"Look man, my boyfriend will be back in two minutes when he gets his luggage on board and he'll kick your ass if he sees you touching me. He's an Army Ranger, man. A mean motherfucker if you ever saw one! You know he can kill a man with his bare hands? Fuck, with one bare hand! I'm telling you that you'd better not be messing with me when he gets here..unnkg.."

"What's going on here?" Jim growled as he spotted Blair being held aloft by a large angry looking native man.

"Jim! Lover! " Blair choked out the words.

"Put him down," Dropping his pack down, Jim rolled his shoulders to loosen his tired muscles.

Muscles that were currently shining with sweat, tanned and cut from rigorous training.

"Who are you?" the man snarled.

"Who the fuck are you? Are you going to put him down or do I need to redecorate this compartment with your face?"

Blair hung limply in the air, looking desperately from one man to the other, his feet dangling helplessly.

"This your boyfriend? You an American faggot?" the man taunted.

"Why, you looking for a piece of ass?" Jim replied moving forward.

The man dropped Blair and sneered, "Fuckin' queer Americans," before turning and walking away.

"Oh wow, man...that was awesome. You really have to teach me that growling thing, the way your lip curls back and.."

Jim hoisted Blair up and shoved him roughly into the compartment, "Are you fucking insane, kid? You trying to get yourself killed?"

"No, I was just trying to get us a sleeping compartment."

Stopping, Jim finally looked around. It was, it was a sleeping compartment with bunks and a window...bliss.

When he returned his gaze to the young man in front of him he noted the hungry look in the kids eyes.

"You don't have to say thank you, but it would be nice!" Blair purred and flashed him a seductive smile.

"Hmm...yeah well, you did okay I guess.."

"You're welcome!"

Dropping his pack on the floor Jim sat down heavily on the bunk. Blair smiled and came to stand in front of the weary soldier.

"So, do I get my answer yet?" he asked.

Jim glanced up, his face level with the young man's crotch, "Ere...yeah, I guess you do."


"Well what?"

"Are you interested in guys?" Blair sighed dramatically.

Slowly, Jim slid one hand up the younger man's leg, starting at the knee and moving across the slim thigh until it rested on one denim encased ass cheek.

Blair shivered, his brash smile faltering momentarily.

Wordlessly, Jim rubbed his hand across the small, tight ass then pulled Blair forward, until he had him resting against his chest, still half standing.

With his hands gripping Jim's shoulders for dear life, Blair merely stared into the older man's eyes, still not sure what to expect.

"If I wasn't a gentleman, you could be in big trouble about now," Jim whispered, "I could nail your ass, kill you and toss you out of the window, who'd know?"

"But, you won't, right?"

"Says who?"

"Says me. You don't have the eyes of a killer, Jim Ellison, no matter how much of a tough guy you are."

"I kill for a living, kid, remember?"

"No, you protect for a living. The killing part is an unfortunate side effect." Blair smiled, "You're a nice man, Jim, don't be so ashamed of the fact."

"Says who?"

"Says me," Blair grinned and leaned down to meet Jim's lips.

Jim slipped a hand beneath the tangled curls and pulled Blair down into a hard demanding kiss. Blair sank into his arms, straddling the older man's lap.

"I'll take this as a 'yes' then?" Blair groaned as Jim's hand worked its way under his tee shirt, pushing the garment over his head and then sought out a nipple, tugging gently on it, "The whole 'liking guys' thing?"

"Well, I like you." Jim replied. Another tug on the nipple and a bite to Blair's throat answered the question more graphically.

"Oh! Good, that's good...very good, excellent in fact..oh God!"

Jim's fingers ruffled the hair that spread out across Blair's breastbone, following it down to until it disappeared beneath tight jeans. With an easy movement, he'd unbuttoned and unzipped the pants, letting his roaming fingers explore.

Blair took in a gasping breath and shuddered as he felt the strong hand grip him.

"I think I just found out what it takes to shut you up!" Jim teased as he stroked his fingers along the now freed cock.


"You're pretty cute when you're quiet."


"What the matter, Blair? Cat got your..tongue?" Jim quickened the stroking motion as Blair shook in his arms.

Suddenly he turned, letting Blair fall back onto the bunk.


"It's okay, just relax, I'm not going to hurt you." He soothed the younger man with kisses until he was resting across him, blanketing him with his already hot, sweating body. "See what you get for coming on to men in train lines?"

"I...I've never done it before," Blair squeaked out the words.

"You trying to tell me that you've never picked up a strange guy before like you did me back there? Sure, kid I believe you."

"I haven't I swear, I've never even..."


"Nothing," Blair flushed suddenly.

Jim leaned back and stared at the younger man, "We're you just going to tell me what I think you were going to tell me?"

Nervous blue eyes gazed up at the big soldier, "What?"

"Have you ever been with a guy before?"

Blair gave a snort and a strained laugh, "Oh come on man, I'm nineteen, gimme a break, what do you think?"

"I think you're spinning me a tale, kid. I don't think you ever touched a guy before, hell, I'd be surprised if you've ever kissed one!"

Suddenly looking angry, Blair tried to push Jim away, "Why don't you go fuck, man? I don't have to listen to this..."

"Hey, hey," Jim grabbed Blair as he tried to scramble from the bunk, desperately trying to fix his pants at the same time, "Hey, sorry."

Dropping back against the wall, Blair sighed and ran his fingers through his hair.

Jim couldn't help but smile at the sight, a gorgeous, disheveled and deliciously pouting young man, still half undressed, sweaty and flushed, leaning back against the carriage wall, his feet dangling over the edge of the bunk.

There had been times in the past when his fantasies had been fuelled with such images and here sat the real thing.

"Blair, I'm sorry. I'm a really tactless jerk," he shrugged.

"No, it's me. Sorry Jim, I'm such a geek. Reynolds is right, I'm a boring geek who'll never get laid."

"Who told you that?"

"Aw, just someone at school. He hates me and he makes fun of me because I can't get laid no matter what."

Jim settled down next to Blair on the bunk, "Blair, you're not a geek and I know guys who'd crawl across broken glass to get to someone like you."



Blair shook his head and stared down at his hands, his hair falling across his face, hiding his shame.

"Hey, you think I'd come chasing through a train after just anybody? Even 'old guys' like me have standards," Jim said lightly.

Blair couldn't help the smile that suddenly broke free, "Yeah well, you didn't have much choice, did you? I know I can be a little... pushy sometimes."

"I'll give you that one." Jim laughed. Suddenly he held out his hand, "Let's start this again. Hi, I'm Jim Ellison."

Glancing up at the bigger man, Blair melted, "Hi, Blair Sandburg."

"Nice to meet you Blair, you come here often?"

Blair smiled, "No, you?"

Jim grabbed his pack and pulled out a bottle of water and a box of rations.

"It's not exactly dinner and fine wine, but you're welcome to share," he handed Blair the bottle and broke open the food.

"Thanks man," the young man swigged down the water, "Look, I'm sorry I freaked on you there."

"Like I said, Chief, it's forgotten, we started again remember?"


"So," Jim took a bite of the pre-packed nutrient bar after handing Blair one, "You come from Cascade, WA. Huh?"

Blair nodded, his mouth full of fruit bar.

"Coincidence, me too."

"Really? Oh wow!"

"Yeah, I figure that once I'm through with the next mission, I might get out of the army, go back to Cascade, maybe take my Dad up on his offer."

Blair frowned, "What offer's that?"

"He has a business. You heard of Ellison Industries?"

The young man's eyes widened, "That's your Dad?"

This time it was Jim's turn to nod.

"Wow. So you're like majorly wealthy?"

"Me? No. My dad, yeah, he's comfortably wealthy." Jim climbed to his feet and opened the window fully to let what little breeze there was rush in. He tugged off his pants and sat back down with only his shorts and tee intact.

"I'd take those denims off if I were you, it's going to get hot in here."

Blair nodded and struggled out of his tight jeans, throwing them on the bunk beside him.

"So, Blair, why were you really coming on to me in that line?"

"Because I liked you."

"It's a dangerous way to go, kid."

"I know, but I guess I was a little pissed at being laughed at back at the camp."


Pushing his curls back nervously, Blair concentrated on the fruit bar as he spoke, "One of the guys back at the excavation came into my tent last night and...he tried to get into bed with me. I kind of freaked then too. I just thought that if I could get laid, I wouldn't get so scared when guys did that..." He trailed off.

Jim stopped eating and stared, "You're telling me that some guy tried to rape you last night and you thought it was your fault?"

"I shouldn't have made such a fuss."

"Did you want to have sex with him?"

"No, I don't like him much."

"Then you didn't 'make a fuss'. The bastard should have his balls removed..."

"No, he was right, I'd been kind of coming on to him for a week, I guess."

"It doesn't matter if you had or not, no means no." Jim was incensed that anyone should think about forcing themselves on this...boy.

Suddenly Blair glanced up and smiled, "Yeah well, not everyone is a 'gentleman' like Jim Ellison."

"Why are you so hard on yourself, Blair? You're bright and good looking, why are you selling yourself short over some jerk who tried to force himself on you?"

"It's not the first time I've done that," Blair mumbled out the words, hiding his face behind his hair, "I chickened out with a guy at school too. I'm thinking maybe there's something wrong with me. I really want to do it, but as soon as I get down to it, I freak."

Jim sighed, Oh the follies of youth "I think maybe you're choosing the wrong partners rather than there being anything wrong with you."

"But like Reynolds keeps telling me, guys can do it any time with anyone, man. Only girls freak when they have sex!"

With a splutter and a cough, Jim Ellison spewed water all over the floor, "Who told you that?" he coughed, "Kid you have been bullshitted. Guys can get turned off just the same as girls and some girls can sleep with anyone without having to be 'in love' just like guys... gay or straight."

"Really?" Blair peered up at Jim warily, unsure if the bigger man was teasing.

"Yeah, really. Your first time with another guy is always a little scary and if you don't feel comfortable with him you can freeze up. Hell, it happened to me."

"It did?"

"Sure did. I was about your age and I'd just joined the army, it was my first mission, I was the junior grunt, scared shitless and trying to be so tough. This guy made a play for me and since I was hormones on legs, I said 'sure, okay'." Jim grinned and took another drink of water.

Blair had turned and was listening intently, eyes wide, chewing on his lip excitedly, "So what happened?"

"We fumbled around, I came all over him then he turned me over and fucked hurt like hell because I was so tense and scared, plus he had no more idea than I did what to do!"

"Oh man!" Blair winced.

Jim turned his head to face the young man, "But it doesn't have to be that way, if the other guy's experienced and knows what he's doing, it can be good!"



"Can we...can we try again?"

"Oh, hey, Blair. I didn't mean it that way," Jim frowned, "I don't expect anything from you. We can just share this sleeper until we get to Rangoon and call it a day, I.."

"I'd really like to, you know... with you. I don't know why I felt so drawn to you in that line, but I just did." Blair moved in closer and ran his hand up Jim's arm, "You have incredible muscles!" he exclaimed suddenly.

Laughing at the priorities of a teenager in the pursuit of sex, Jim slid his hand through Blair's hair, "You are a weird kid," he grinned before noticing the worried look on younger man's face, "But it's a good kind of weird. Come here." Jim pulled Blair onto his lap and began kissing him, slowly, gently.

The breeze from the open window washed over the two men as they moved against each other, friction almost crackling between them.

The kiss broke and Blair pulled back, eyes dark with unspent passion.

"Okay?" Jim asked.

"Yeah, feels good."

"If I do anything you don't like, just say stop and I stop, okay? Anything we do should feel good for both of us, not just me."

Face breaking into a wide smile Blair nodded.

"And if you get a little scared, we can just back off until you feel okay."

"You really are a strange one, Jim Ellison," Blair smiled.

"Must be, I attracted you in that line," Jim teased. He felt Blair relaxing in his arms, "Let's just take it slow, do what feels right, no pressure."

"Yeah, okay."

Pulling the slim young body close, Jim moaned slightly as Blair wriggled on his lap. Only thin layers of cotton between them, he could feel Blair hardening, the slow, rhythmic thrusting of his hips becoming more urgent, kisses once unsure and shy were now stronger, pressing Jim back into the wall of the carriage.

Letting himself slide down onto the bunk, Jim gave Blair the freedom of controlling what was happening. The young man stretched out on top of his bigger partner, still blissfully suckling on Jim's throat, barely noticing that his shorts had been pushed down and Jim was stroking his ass.

Blair's cock was sliding between Jim's thighs, his legs astride the more muscular legs of his partner, bracing him.

" good.." he mumbled.

"So do you," Jim whispered. He reached across and pulled out a tub of Vaseline from his pack, digging his fingers into the slippery substance and rubbing it into them.

Blair's thrusting was becoming more intense, the friction caused by Jim keeping his thighs tightly closed, letting Blair slip inexorably in and out, hurtled the young man towards a heart stopping orgasm.

"Oh man," Blair pulled away slightly, throwing his head back as something in his mind exploded into a myriad of lights and for just a moment the world stopped turning.

Jim smiled and slid his finger into Blair while the younger man was so wrapped up in his own pleasure that he'd forgotten to be nervous. Almost without realizing, Blair forced himself back onto the finger, allowing Jim to penetrate him.

Suddenly he registered the sensation, "Shit!"

"It's okay, just relax. You're doing great." Soft words and the gentlest of touches made Blair relax again and Jim continued to stretch and prepare him, all the time remembering to kiss and reassure, take it slow, take it easy.

"I.. I made a mess," Blair tried to smile, but the small, nervous laugh turned into a half sob as Jim found his prostate and a sensation almost terrifying in its intensity pounded at him, "Oh Jim..oh God.."

"You want me to stop?"

Finding no words forming, Blair merely shook his head, his long curly hair bounced in the breeze from the window. Dragged down by sweat, the hair clung to his face.

"You ready? Your choice, remember?"


Jim turned them so they were both on their side; Blair's back now resting against him. He lifted the young man into position, comfortable for them both. Already harder than he'd been in a very long time, Jim held Blair's hips, not allowing him to rush it now, and began to penetrate, slowly, gently.

The younger man's hands gripped the bunk and his breath came in panting gasps.

Jim could feel a tremble shivering through Blair's already hot and clammy body.

"Okay?" he asked as he came to rest against Blair's ass. "I'll take it really slow, if it hurts just say and I'll stop."

Again a nod and the slightest of movements to readjust to the fullness.

Jim softly kissed the back of Blair's neck, sucking on the delicate skin beneath his ear, sensing the thrill of pleasure that traveled almost imperceptibly through the younger man's body. He could taste the sweat, all the elements that went into the unique taste that was this singularly lovely human being he was caressing.

If he closed his eyes and concentrated, he believed he could hear the blood thundering through veins, rushing to the surface of the skin beneath his hands, hot and pulsating.

Slowly he pulled back, the air rushed from Blair's lungs, only to gasp in a breath as Jim slid back in.


"It's okay, beautiful." Jim murmured into Blair's ear as he moved faster. Beneath his hand; resting on the lightly haired chest of his companion, he could feel the pounding of the young mans heart almost bursting through his ribs. "I can feel your heart beating, smell your arousal, taste the pleasure. Oh God Blair!"

Jim came hard; it felt as though every last drop of strength had spilled from his body into Blair.

He slid out and turned his partner in his arms, pulling him in close. Soft, sweet lips immediately assaulted his.

"Wonderful, incredible," Blair mumbled as he settled into the embrace and began to drift off into sleep.

Jim sighed and smiled giving himself over to sleep and letting the warm breeze cool his heated skin.




When Jim drifted awake; his body deliciously sated and muscles enjoyably tired, he reached out for the body that should have been tucked into his chest and frowned at a distinct lack of contact.

Opening his eyes he was met by the sight of a firm young rear end bobbing up and down with the movement of the train as the rest of the body hung from the window.


"Hey, Jim!" Blair swung around to face the older man, a wild grin on his face, "This countryside is like so interesting. We just passed a temple back there, must be from way before the Christian religion was even conceived.."

Jim pushed himself from the bed and ran his hand across the younger man's invitingly upturned ass. "That so?"

"Yeah, I'd say at least six centuries B.C, probably crammed full of artifacts!"

"You okay?" Jim slid his arms around the young body and leaned out of the window.

Blair smiled a little shyly, "Yeah, I'm good."


"No," the younger man blushed crimson, "Well, not much." He paused. "It was really good, Jim. I mean, like awesome kinda good!"

Smiling, Jim stole a quick kiss and settled in beside the youngster, " I'm glad, it was for me too. So, tell me about this temple..."


The End