The Crying Game


A flawed but beautiful movie. A small part of me can't get past the 'IRA terrorist with a heart' bit without feeling a little nauseous, but once the movie shifts to Fergus seeking out the dead soldiers girlfriend to 'make amends' for what he did, I find it captivating.

Jaye Davidson steals the whole movie with a devastating performance as Dil




IRA terrorist Fergus kidnaps a young British soldier and while holding him becomes 'friends' with him. The young soldier, guessing his fate, asks Fergus to take care of his girl, Dil, if anything should happen to him.

When the young man is killed trying to escape, Fergus goes on the run and ends up in London, where he looks for Dil and befriends her. But everything is not as it seems and his IRA compatriots are now looking for him....