Tinsel Town 2000

BBC tv series.


The club scene in Scotland and the personal lives of those who frequent it.



<sigh> As a whole, I found this series decidedly average. I really didn't warm to most of the characters, in fact I found myself hoping a few of them would hurry up and get bumped off!

*But*, saying that, the only characters who were beautifully played were the two gay characters, a sixteen year old boy and a policeman. Their relationship was handled so well that it was spellbinding. The angst when the older man found out that his new boyfriend was only sixteen and that he was committing a crime by continuing an affair with the boy (at that time the age of consent in the UK for gay males was 17. It is now 16 in parity with the heterosexual age of consent.)

If you only watch it for this relationship it's worth it, but my suggestion is get it on video so you can fast forward through the boring bits!

Note: The accents in this show are very regional and can be difficult to understand if you have problem with that kind of thing:)