Trick 1999

Christian Campbell and J.P Pitoc


This is one of my favourite 'lightweight' movies. It's funny and charming and almost fairytale.

If you're looking for something nice and sweet to sit back with on a cold winter's night, something that will make you giggle and ultimately feel warm and fuzzy all over, then this is it.

I can honestly say that it's the only time I've voluntarily watched Tori Spelling without getting the urge to scream or run from the room, even she can't spoil the fun.


Summary of the plot


Gabriel (Christian Campbell) is young man with a dream: to write a Broadway musical and his friend Katherine is hoping for the starring role. He also is a young man looking for love and failing thatůsex, but he's shy and unsure of himself and admits to being a little uncomfortable around 'gay people', even though he is one.

 After a bad day at work and the rejection of getting his magnum opus trashed at a writers workshop, he goes to a 'go-go' bar where he finds himself spellbound by a male dancer.

On the way home by subway, the same man is asleep on the seat opposite and Gabe is almost caught watching him. When he gets off the train, the man, Mark, follows him and propositions him. He offers him sex if he has somewhere to go.

 Much of the movie is dedicated to their search for somewhere to have sex, a surprisingly tricky business since Gabe's straight roommate is busy with his girlfriend at their apartment, a friend is reconciled with his estranged lover and the offer of a place yet again snatched from them and a disastrous trip to a gay club almost proves too much for the two young men.

 Within the time period the movie covers, the two characters find themselves getting to know each other as people and what could have been a quick 'one nighter' begins to develop into something much deeper.

 This movie could so easily have been a terribly sickly sweet, mawkish attempts at 'gay soap opera', but the skill of the director, writer and actors raises it above this level and we are left with a modern day fairytale of love and romance that is just irresistible!


Bone Rating: 5